Puerto Viejo 2: Women vs Nature

Our time in Puerto Viejo sped by!

One morning, Sharone, the world-famous eater, overslept for breakfast. Rather than miss out on a morsel of food, she threw on her rain poncho (it poured most of our trip) and ran to the patio. She’d forgotten her pants, but really, we were the only ones there. Ah, the privacy of Costa Rica. Continue Reading »»

Quite a Welcome: Puerto Viejo

After my whirlwind trip to the States, I rested for a whopping one and a half days in Coco and again raced off – to the east coast of Costa Rica. I was going to meet up with a friend of mine I hadn’t seen for at least eight years – and hadn’t traveled with in 10.

From Coco’s nearest airport, Liberia, I hopped on the little commuter flight to San Jose (the first time I’d actually had to jump on the scale with my luggage before boarding). A few hours later, after an embarrassingly squeal-filled reunion with Maren on a busy street corner, we literally ran to the bus stop and barely made the last one out to Puerto Viejo, on the Caribbean coast. That evening, we checked into our cabina, El Nido. The cabin was approximately five times the size of my little house in Coco, and the grounds were peaceful and lush. Continue Reading »»