Sunrise: Grand Canyon from Above

Grand CanyonLiving in the southwest means I can to take all kinds of trips to places like the Grand Canyon, but I never thought I’d get to see that magical place at sunrise! For all the talk of gorgeous sunsets (for me, usually traveling along the coast of Costa Rica), it is sometimes easy to forget how special seeing the sun rise can be. For me, even though I am often awake when it is still dark, I haven’t been somewhere to actually watch the sun come up┬ásince my trip to Panama. So when I was invited to the Grand Canyon on an “early morning” trip, I jumped at the chance. Our private plane took off from the Boulder City airport at 5:30 am. And boy, was it worth it. Watching the horizon start to glow and then the sun shine over the magnificent Grand Canyon — as we flew overhead — left me awestruck.