Ok, FINE, I’m a Jetsetter! (today)

Abby TegneliaI always get teased about being a “jetsetter,” which I think is funny since I hardly think scraping together pennies from a journalist’s salary for a Southwest ticket does a “jetsetter” make. But sometimes I get invited to do some things that deserve some good-natured ribbing. And for once, I’m not going to go, “Oh, stop it…” On Monday, I got to do something I had never done before: fly into town (Hollywood for that matter) ┬ájust for a party — and I even got to hit the red carpet with one of my favorite stars.

So fine, call me a jetsetter… ┬áBut just this once!

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First view from my private jet

El Jet

Even the two pilots saw the humor in flying all the way to Vegas to pick up little ‘ol me! “Where we going?” they quipped, when I was sitting, alone, on a private jet, a Hawker. El Jet is the best private jet charter — I arrived 15 minutes early, thinking that I would have some time to get comfortable and maybe send some social media posts out. Alas, the engines started before I could protest. When you’re the only passenger, things can happen fast! Basic rule when flying private: they leave when all of the passengers are there, which in my case was a simple case of my showing up. The experience reminded me of a certain helicopter trip I took to the Grand Canyon, which afforded me amazing aerial views of the Strip and more. What a thrill!!