My favorite photos: “best of” Costa Rica!

I spent an entire year in Costa Rica, so it’s almost impossible for a sentimental sack like myself to choose favorite photos. For me, the “best” pictures are the ones that remind me of the good times we had. I miss my friends. I hope you fall for everyone just like I did… For starters, here are the guilas (kids). They’re a cheeky bunch and jumped in the pool the second after I took this photo so I wouldn’t take any more.


Pura vida!

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My favorite photos of 2010: “best of” signs

I wish I’d taken more photos of funny signs. Oh, I’m kicking myself for leaving Coco before snapping a pic of the famous “phishing” guidepost! Anyway, here are just a few of my favorites from last year. A quick post before my mongo-sized travel and Costa Rica ones!

“Some of our wares are different; the rest are the same ‘ol stuff you see anywhere else” … On Coco’s main drag. And it’s misspelled to boot. Continue Reading »»

My favorite photos of 2010: “best of” animals

I’ve been a writer for, oh, my entire life (at least it feels like it), so my photos are always an afterthought, and I run them pretty small on my blog. For my New Year’s resolution, I’ve vowed to stop doing that. I’ve been pretty (really) lazy about improving the technical side of taking photos, but I still have some favorites that I’m going to roll out over the next few days leading up to the New Year. For Day One, I’m going to start with the cheap shots: animals. Who can resist? The howler monkeys shown here woke me up almost every single morning during my year in Costa Rica, usually before five am. Curious as to how they sound and how loud they really are? Click here! Warning: they don’t sound as cute as they look!

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