It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Pets ChristmasMy little family in Las Vegas is stuffed and exhausted after a gluttonous Thanksgiving and busy Black Friday. After just one day off work, I relaxed so much that I slept 13 hours last night! And today? I got so much done — most of which I won’t detail here, as some of the people I shopped for read this blog. Two I am pretty sure don’t? My two rescue pets, both of whom are now wearing the most adorable little costumes. I hope no one thinks I favor Jax, but he is just the only one who will let me take his photo. (Chase has on antlers, which are now hanging below his chin.) My boys have gone from the streets of Costa Rica to glitzy Sin City, where they often have vacations at the fanciest five-star dog hotel in Las Vegas. It is easier than most people think, bringing rescue pets home from your trip to the United States. It seems like just yesterday, my boys were Costa Rican stray street dogs.

People often tell me that my dogs won they lottery. But I think I did!

Shameless Pet Pic: Don’t you want to rescue?

rescue petsAfter kicking the flu and on the eve of having to get up at 4:30 am, I was looking for an easy fun pic to share from some part of my life. But of course: my rescue pets, staring up at me with those big eyes…. I ran across this Instagram photo of my smaller dog, Jax. He’s my runner, the one who causes me an enormous amount of stress when he gets out of the house, something he manages to do with an impressive amount of dexterity. He’s also sensitive, prone to hunger strikes and who knows what else. But they sure do look like angels when they’re asleep, don’t they? Like my other dog, Chase, Jax is a rescue saguate (street dog) I brought home from Costa Rica. It was a long road from our little barrio to his napping on my leopard-print chaise in Las Vegas. (And it took a village, literally.) In fact, it feels like a lifetime ago that I took them to the local C.A.R.E. spay and neuter clinic for stray dogs in little Coco. It’s easier than you would think to bring your rescue pets home to the US. I highly encourage it!

Let me know if you’re thinking about it and would like to hear more!

Locally in Las Vegas, consider donating to or volunteering at The Animal Foundation. It’s a very special place, with tens of thousands of animals that need human attention. Drop in! You’ll fall in love.

Snip, Snip Part II

After much coming and going on their part, and worrying, buying food for an empty house and chasing after runaways on mine, I finally ended up with two former street dogs to call my own: my original big guy, Chase, and his best friend, Jax (pictured here). Just when they decided to get comfortable and stay awhile, I swung ’em a curve ball. Time to get fixed! Oh, boy! Continue Reading »»