Expat living in Costa Rica: Mom’s here!

Living as an expat in Costa Rica has opened up an exciting new world, but for me at least, it was also an adjustment to living somewhat isolated from my old life. Recently, however, I was special enough to nab a visit from Mom. Flying in from Albuquerque, NM, she couldn’t wait to see all of Coco. (Not hard to do; it’s small.) Lucky for me, Sandy traveled with one of my brothers earlier this year when he moved to China, so she was already used to the idea of her adult kids living in out-of-the-way places. But even the city of Zhongshan has 2.5 million people! (Coco? About 3,000.) Mom adapted by comparing my little beach town in what’s considered the countryside of Costa Rica to her growing up on a farm. (“This reminds me of driving through Tennessee, but I never thought I’d see an entire crop of cantaloupe.”)

After seven months of living here, it was a thrill to see the town through a visitor’s eyes (let alone my mom’s!). I thought that some of her questions might resonate with other Costa Rican newbies. So, what did Mom want to know about? Continue Reading »»