Learning How Olive Oil is Made in Ojai

travel, California, Ojai, MercedesWhen Catherine came to pick me up for our first adventure in Ojai, it was in a cherry red Mercedes, oh yeah. How do I look in the passenger seat? Our first stop: Ojai Olive Oil, for a fascinating few hours. In addition to learning what kinds of oils different olives yield, we learned so much about the industry. Instead of using a press, most olive oil manufacturers now use a centrifuge. Ojai’s equipment is Italian (of course!) and goes through 800 lbs of olives in an hour. They’ve decided that keeping the pits in yields better taste — so they’re not separated until the very end! Ojai Olive Oil’s owner, Ron Asqith, will take you through the whole process, from washing to paste to the separation of all water, if you take his tour.

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