Vegas Off Roading Experience

Ready to take care of business!

It always makes me laugh that people are so surprised that there’s life in Las Vegas off the Strip — let alone a world of adventure sports and outdoor activities. The reason I think this is so funny is because Vegas is literally in the middle of the desert. If you drive in from LA, you see nothing  but dirt for a good portion of the trip. Flying in? As you can see here, from my private jet experience, brown for as far as you can see — until the city pops up just as you’re about to land. From my office window, I can see the line where the city stops and nothingness begins. The guys who thought to build an entertainment wonderland in the middle of such barren land were geniuses!

So what do we do with all of this land in modern-day Las Vegas?

Adventure sports, of course!

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All smiles before my first time off-roading in the desert

GalavantierFrom grabbing a private jet charter all by myself, to off-roading in the desert — anything is possible in Las Vegas! Locals get a kick out of how many of the tourists who descend on our town think that there is no life beyond the Strip. Aside from the homes, restaurants, bars, grocery stores and everything else you could imagine, Vegas is home to a LOT of outdoor and adventure activities. Recently, I’ve zip-lined, been a biker chick, and even snow skied — yes, all in Vegas. This time, I got my adventure fix by off-roading, an activity with major history behind it thanks to the famous Mint 400 race, which inspired a certain Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Take it from me, after trying it just one time, you will see why he so fell in love with it. It was awesome! Here I am all smiles before taking off. The nerves came later!


My off-roading adventure was designed by Galavantier and provided via the Vore off-roading pros, but all opinions are my own.