24 Hours in New York

Melissa Weiner Abby Tegnelia NYCThere are insomniacs — and those who will never know what it’s like to not sleep like a baby. There are the naturally thin vs those who can’t fathom not fighting weight issues throughout their entire lives. And then there are those of us who will jump on a plane at the drop of a hat …. and those who think we’re nuts. I recently flew from Vegas to New York City for less than 24 hours and would do it again the second it was offered. I love airports, long flights (uninterrupted hours of reading!), landing in a different world for a little rejuvenation and spark. I’ve been called an escapist, and perhaps I am. But at least it leads to magic in my life! Even if it’s just for a short while at a time.

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My on-again, off-again love affair with NYC

New York CityI lived in New York City for five years — as long as I’ve lived anywhere my entire life. And yet, I’ve barely visited recently. The reasons are two-fold: my practical aversion is that after years in Austin, Vegas, LA and Costa Rica, I don’t have any winter clothes, which limits when I can visit the place I called home. The second reason? My most recent trip there a year ago had been a disaster. My best friends spoil me, visiting Vegas often (and indulging me fun trips to places like Hoover Dam), when not getting married in Maui or throwing a bachelorette party in South Beach. So, I avoided visiting Manhattan. Until a recent trip to New York changed everything…

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