Sony Hidden Project: Nights of a Vegas editor

Abby Tegnelia lifestyle magazine editorI’m sure you won’t find it surprising that the night portion of my “day-to-night” in the life of an editor photo assignment for Sony’s Hidden Vegas¬†project, offered a bit more material for the exhibit than my day at the office. So here’s the first of two posts showing how hectic my evenings can be. For big events requiring getting my photo taken, I always get my hair and makeup done, and then my evening turns into a whirlwind. “Going out” has many objectives for an editor at a lifestyle magazine: In addition to hosting parties for the magazine, showing support for new restaurants, and attending events for our advertisers, I also have the responsibility of coming up with story ideas to fill the entire magazine.

You can imagine how tireless you have to will yourself to be! Here’s a little taste…

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Vegas Party Prep 101 (for Emmy Rossum party)

Abby Tegnelia Vegas magazine Emmy Rossum party

What do you wear to meet Shameless actress Emmy Rossum?

After a year of living in a dusty beach town where getting ready meant putting on a tiny bit of mascara under the air conditioning so it didn’t sweat off before it dried, getting back into the groove of the Vegas party and nightlife scene has taken an enormous amount of energy. And once every month or so, I have an event where I need to look extra special.

Party-prep for my recent extravaganza began the Thursday night before the party. I ran into Bronzed for a quick spray tan on my way to a store opening, with my party dress hanging in the car. There, I chased down my favorite photographer, Al. After the party ended we ran to my car for a mini-photoshoot — of my dress. I needed to make sure it wasn’t see-through!

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