An All-American … Castle?

New York, travelThe U.S. isn’t known for our historical castles — maybe because we don’t have any. Perhaps the closest we’ve got to offer is Oheka Castle on Long Island, NY, which was built as a private residence in the early 1900s. I spent a few days there at a company meeting and thought it was so beautiful that I snapped a few photos while I was supposed to be focusing on my upcoming presentation. Since we all know I have an enormous public speaking phobia, it wasn’t a rough decision to play hooky — at least for a few minutes!

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Thank you, NYC

Ten months after I moved to a small fishing village in Costa Rica, I’ve come to an interesting revelation: I most feel at home in Coco (population: 3000) because of the time I spent in New York City. I’ve moved around so much, that those five years living in Manhattan are my record, as long as I’ve lived anywhere. From there, I moved to Austin, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, all which ended up being temporary stops. Now? I’ve got NYC on the brain. Here are the surprising ways that living in the big city eventually turned me into a small town girl.

1. My first house in Costa Rica was only slightly bigger than a Yukon, but I’m used to cramped space. In NYC, my bedroom was the size of my bed. (Literally. I had to climb off the foot in order to get off it.) Continue Reading »»