Hangover Part 3 Buildup with Heather Graham

Heather Graham Abby Tegnelia

Heather Graham teaches me her favorite pose.

It’s Memorial Day Weekend in the US, and this year that means Hangover Part III mania!! For me, it began months ago when planning my tenth anniversary special issue of Vegas magazine. I knew that nothing else could equal the impact on Las Vegas that the Hangover franchise has had. So I was thrilled when Heather Graham agreed to do our cover and host our big party. The result: my favorite cover ever. I was even allowed to buy a special glittery font. (Our finance guy quipped, “I’ve never had to buy an editor diamonds before.”) That’s Vegas for you — we love our razzle dazzle! After the issue came out, Heather came out to Vegas for our huge soiree at the gorgeous Mandarin Oriental.

It was the party of the year!

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Sony Hidden Project: a day in my life as an editor

Photo credit: http://foggodyssey.com/

Photo credit: http://foggodyssey.com/

Now that my Hidden Vegas photo exhibit at the Sony Store at the Forum Shops is winding down, I wanted to share my series online. My assignment: use my new Sony NEX-5RK to capture a day in my life as editor-in-chief of Vegas magazine. We decided I’d go “day to night,” from putting together the lifestyle magazine all day in my suburban Nevada office to racing to parties and events at night. I found it a bit challenging to get behind the lens and make my job look fun — after all, a good chunk of my day is spent at my computer editing. I hope you like this inside peek! (From there, I showed  bit about what it is like to get ready for the big events, and then some whirlwind nights on the Strip, but I’ll save that for the next post.) The catch: the folks at Sony really pushed their “hidden” agenda, to share our cities not only from the eyes of a local, but from a special point of view, showing no faces. Meanwhile, I was learning to use a brand-new camera.

I have always loved creative challenges! This time, I got to attack a technical one as well.

Here is the “day” part! Early mistakes and all…

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Hot off the presses: Vegas in Vegas, with Michael Chiklis

Vegas magazineAny Michael Chiklis fans out there? He can count a huge one right here, especially after he recently came to my rescue. I mean, what’s an editor to do in order to follow up the biggest issue of her career — with the indomitable Celine Dion on the cover, and the ever-important “September issue” at that. And top it off, at Vegas magazine, October is our men’s issue, sometimes a challenge for a girly girl like me. Luckily, CBS came swooped in with a new show, aptly titled Vegas, starring the notorious “tough guy” actor Michael Chiklis. I couldn’t think of anyone better for my men’s issue.

But I do admit, I had some concerns.

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My Biggest Fear: Bested, but not Conquered

travel, Las VegasZip-lining and sky-diving? Check. A strange addiction to catapulting to more than 1,000 feet on the Stratosphere’s Big Shot here in Las Vegas? Love it. Landing alone in China, Turkey, Malaysia and who knows where else, moving to a barrio in Costa Rica, solo cross-country road trips: Fun hobbies all of them, ways to unwind!

Even though my extreme dislike of horror films makes me think of myself as a scaredy cat, I get called a thrill-seeker all the time.

But I have one serious, debilitating fear. And I’m about two hours away from addressing it in the above photo, where I’m enjoying the calm before the storm with an old friend from NYC.

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