My first good-bye: to the magazine I love!

at the Vegas Magazine Summer Cover Party at the Azure Pool at PolazzoBeing the editor of a magazine that represents all things luxury Vegas has meant three years of not only a demanding work environment, but also a life as a 24/7 spokesperson of sorts for not only the publication, but the city as well. All of this has been the most wonderful experience. But the “100 percent all the time,” all-encompsing-job schtick has meant one thing to me in the past few days since I ended this chapter in my life: Whoa, saying good-bye was way more emotional than I thought! Enter, my very last cover party. After throwing soirees with stars such as my favorite Las Vegas Strip icon Celine Dion, country idol Shania Twain, and Dancing with the Stars beauty Brooke Burke, I have come to relish the excitement. My very last one? Chrissy Teigen, the most stunning of swimsuit models

I, of course, turned it into a going-away party of sorts for myself.

Why not?

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Daydream of the Week: Columbia University, NYC

Columbia University J SchoolI just got home to Las Vegas after yet another amazing weekend in New York City. This time? My reason for going was to talk on a panel at the Social Media Weekend conference at Columbia University Journalism School, where I graduated in 2000. Thanks to my friend Liz Borod Wright of Travelogged, I got to sit on a panel called “Social Media for Bloggers.” I was a bit out of my league with Mike Street and Heidi Cohen, but I have so much to say, and I hope I could at least encourage some newbies that you can have a blog no matter if you have a full-time job or anything else. For me, how cool was it to return to the very place that jump-started my entire career, a place I had not returned to since graduation 13 years ago. I was unprepared for how excited I was to run around and take photos of the campus (including an errant clump of dirty snow!) that I loved so much. There, I met the person who pushed my foot in the door at New York magazine, my very first job. After six months of freelance work there, I couldn’t believe my very first full-time job was at that revered magazine. I also met so many strong women who helped me gain confidence in my career choice. “We’re so not worried about you,” they used to say. I never forgot that. Perhaps they should have worried about me: I am the only one who never married, who lost everything at least once, who bounced around from job to job…

To my RW1 professor, Sig Gissler, and my friends I met during that glorious year at J-School, my eternal thanks.

After all, I did need you. It’s a jungle out there.

Grin and Bear It

Las Vegas, Big Bang TheorySometimes Mercury is in retrograde… And then AFTER it’s done, you hit a rough patch. That’s life! (One bright spot: being named on a Top Female Bloggers list.) My advice: grab a friend (meet Melissa, who just moved to Vegas from New York!), get ridiculously dressed up — and host a party. It’s the Vegas way. (And if that doesn’t work, I was today reminded of similar advice from the wise man, Jay-Z: “Dust your shoulders off.”) Work, boy and car troubles have nothing on a night out on the town — especially if your town is Las Vegas. It was a fabulous night!

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Showing off my magazine

Las VegasLast Thursday night, fashionistas nationwide celebrated Fashion’s Night Out. I had the honor of helping Matt Goss award one talented young designer, Jimi, a first-place distinction, an honor that included getting to spend one day with me at Vegas magazine! I hope I can come up with something glam enough for this creative soul. Afterwards, we set up a Forum Shops booth with Christian Dior Beauty to show off the magazine. It was a girls’ wonderland, makeovers and scents by Christian Dior.

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