Vegas to Grand Canyon excursion worth the early rise

Abby TegneliaDo I look like I’ve been up since 3:45 am? Let me tell you — it was worth it! Because I managed to drag myself to the airport by 5:30 am to meet up with Papillon helicopters by late morning, I got to see the sunrise over the Grand Canyon as I flew from Boulder City, Nevada (20 minutes from my house in Las Vegas) to the South Rim. And that was before I got to experience the Canyon in two very different ways. In fact, this unique excursion on Papillon proved to be such an exciting, fun-filled day that I forgot to be tired. As far as day trips go, this was the best of the best! This was my third visit to the world-famous national park; each was special in its own way, but this one was definitely the most exhilarating. And did I mention it was brand-new? I love being among the first to try anything!

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Ok, FINE, I’m a Jetsetter! (today)

Abby TegneliaI always get teased about being a “jetsetter,” which I think is funny since I hardly think scraping together pennies from a journalist’s salary for a Southwest ticket does a “jetsetter” make. But sometimes I get invited to do some things that deserve some good-natured ribbing. And for once, I’m not going to go, “Oh, stop it…” On Monday, I got to do something I had never done before: fly into town (Hollywood for that matter)  just for a party — and I even got to hit the red carpet with one of my favorite stars.

So fine, call me a jetsetter…  But just this once!

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The most delicious champagne and sashimi tasting at Bar Masa

Leora Hasas Abby Tegnelia

Two happy girls on a champagne campaign.

One of the best parts about living in Las Vegas for a foodie like me is that so many food and wine festivals come through town. The Food & Wine All-Star Weekend did not disappoint — especially the decadent champagne tasting at Bar Masa. From start to finish, it was truly one of the best events I’d ever been to! The menu was ridiculous, and we got to sit with who-ever we wanted. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon. We had a blast!

But who cares about the company (kidding) when surrounded by all of this food and amazing champagne!

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Hot off the presses: Vegas in Vegas, with Michael Chiklis

Vegas magazineAny Michael Chiklis fans out there? He can count a huge one right here, especially after he recently came to my rescue. I mean, what’s an editor to do in order to follow up the biggest issue of her career — with the indomitable Celine Dion on the cover, and the ever-important “September issue” at that. And top it off, at Vegas magazine, October is our men’s issue, sometimes a challenge for a girly girl like me. Luckily, CBS came swooped in with a new show, aptly titled Vegas, starring the notorious “tough guy” actor Michael Chiklis. I couldn’t think of anyone better for my men’s issue.

But I do admit, I had some concerns.

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My Life of Extremes: Humor and Workaholism

Abby Tegnelia workaholism

Random funny pic unrelated to my blog rant on workaholism. (My friend isn’t crazy, just Canadian.)

Workaholism is a funny thing, and all of my female friends handle it the same way: by completely shutting down on the weekends. I’m not saying it’s the healthiest thing, but sometimes it is funny. And today, for better or worse, I thought I’d share. All of my friends with jobs like mine, that entail a full workload plus evenings of events and business dinners, power through the workweek running on empty. Then when it’s time to make plans with our free time on the weekends, it’s like pulling teeth to get us off the couch. But that doesn’t stop us from texting! (In fact, it may be the only time we’ve had all week to “catch up.”) How we manage to text all day long about absolutely nothing really is a gift, one I fear is shared only with bored teenagers. But why keep these talents to ourselves?

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What it’s like to meet Celine Dion

When I first moved to Las Vegas more than six years ago, Celine Dion was at the height of her domination of Strip entertainment. I never, ever in a million years would have guessed that someday I would meet her! My moment came this past Sunday, before her very last show at the Colosseum until the end of December. It was a huge show, and I couldn’t be more honored that she wanted to spend her time backstage before it with us. In fact, she couldn’t have been more gracious in everything that she did for us! As you can see here, this all came about because of her being the cover star of our September issue of Vegas magazine.

Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

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