Fall in love with the Southwest landscape

Red Mountain Resort Utah Labyrinth

Meditation labyrinth

When I look out my office window, I can see clear to the Strip on one side — and clear to nothing on the other. (In the middle is the sprawling suburbia where all of us locals live and play, those of us who don’t “live on the Strip.”) Yup, there’s a line in the sand so to speak, a drop-off point where all of the buildings and roads of razzle-dazzle Sin City end, and the desert begins. Outside of Las Vegas, there really is basically nothing. Between the towns that have been built in Nevada, there are miles and miles of dirt and sand. Depending on the time of day, this landscape can be the most beautiful shades of orange or pink. It is so peaceful being out there, with nothing to see all the way to the horizon.I just love this Southwest landscape.

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