La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla

La Valencia

The gorgeous La Valencia hotel.

During my recent weekend in San Diego, I had the absolute pleasure of spending the second part on the beach in La Jolla, in an ocean villa at La Valencia. After spending the night downtown at the lovely, artsy US Grant, my friend Christy picked me up so we could head to the beach. Since I live in Las Vegas, I look forward to any glimpse of the ocean with a ridiculous amount of excitement. And nothing says “California” like the pink stucco and terracotta of La Valencia. When we pulled up to the distinct palm-tree lined arches of the historic hotel, I knew it was going to be a wonderful day!
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Old-school California in La Jolla

La ValenciaI love the look of vintage California — the sun-washed pastel colors that are soaked with history, accented by those palm trees that only Cali can grow. During my recent trip to La Jolla, I stayed at the fabulous La Valencia, which opened back in 1926. I couldn’t have loved it more! I’m going to share with you all of the info on my La Valencia villa, but I couldn’t resist a sneak peak via this amazing hot tub, which Christy and I jumped right into after our amazing day drinking wine by the ocean. After two years living in the desert of Las Vegas, I don’t take any time near the ocean for granted! And jumping into a hot tub before dinner felt like an extra-special treat.

I was a guest of La Valencia, but all opinions are my own.

Perfection in La Jolla

Abby Tegnelia George's

Having brunch at George’s in La Jolla.

After a really fun evening in downtown San Diego, where I stayed in the artsy, historic US Grant, I headed to La Jolla for a fabulous day at the beach. I met up with my friends Christy and Scott, of Ordinary Traveler¬†and headed to brunch at the famous George’s Ocean Terrace. As you can see, it was a gorgeous afternoon. The food was delicious, and it was quite a scene. I loved it! After we ate, we wandered through town for a bit. We didn’t have to walk far before bumping into We Olive, which provided fun for the rest of the afternoon.

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California Dreamin’

Nothing says “California” to me like the golden light bouncing off of the tops of the tall, straight palm trees in this photo. I don’t know a single person who would argue with the calming powers of ocean water. That’s why whenever I can, I get out of the Las Vegas¬†desert long enough to visit the coast. (Between growing up in Florida and passing through Costa Rica for a year, I’ve spent close to a third of my life near the beach.) On my most recent trip, I headed to gorgeous San Diego. After a night at the historic US Grant downtown, I headed to La Jolla, to spend some time on the beach. It was a wonderful weekend!