Down Memory Lane at the Neon Museum

Silver Slipper Neon MuseumThe opening of the Neon Museum¬†downtown is one of the coolest things that has happened in Las Vegas in awhile.¬†Walking among these signs, it is easy to let your mind wander to the thrilling early days of the Wild West’s little gaming town-that-could. It all started when the Young Electric Sign Company, which made many of the signs, started donating abandoned ones about 20 years ago, the collection dubbed the “Neon Boneyard.” For years, it was tough to get an appointment to tour the outdoor space where neon went to retire. But now, anyone can go! My first visit was during an exciting evening cocktail party with executive director Danielle Kelly, where the signs were illuminated from below, casting an eerie mood on this once-bright beacons of Sin City hedonism. This infamous “Silver Slipper,” which haunted no other than Howard Hughes, is one of the only refurbished signs at the museum. Surprised? It took $100,000 for the slipper to light up again — and it doesn’t even have any neon, only bulbs!

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