Had to do it once: Vegas gun range

Las Vegas is the bachelor party capitol of the world. About 99 percent of it, I will never, ever understand. So when I was offered the opportunity to go to a gun range, something it never occurred to me I’d do, I obviously jumped at the chance. I was nervous and didn’t get it and so out of my element it was ridiculous. What I didn’t expect? The insane adrenaline rush, relief when it was over — and that I’d really like one gun and loathe the others. I went to the Pro Gun Club as part of a day of adventure organized by Galavantier. That is sort of the best part: Even though all of this happens to be 15 minutes from MY house, I still didn’t have the courage to go alone. I met up with my friends on the Strip, and Galavantier arranged everything, from transportation and lunch — to the off-roading and gun-shooting. Doing some quick research on what the heck I was doing, and I’ll be back soon with a full post…

What a day!

I was a guest of Galavantier and Pro Gun Club, but all opinions are my own. Interested in having your own adventure sports day in Vegas? Galavantier is currently running a Summerlove Sweepstakes  where fans can unlock and win prize packs for “Liking” Galavantier on Facebook.