Grand Canyon Ranch

Las Vegas, travel, Grand CanyonMy friends and I always say that the trick to living in Las Vegas (or New York City or Los Angeles…) is getting out of town for weekend getaways like Ojai, South Beach or Napa. But one of my most memorable getaways in the past few months was an even quicker trip, to Grand Canyon Ranch — we left at 4 pm and arrived home early enough the next morning to make it to work almost on time. But it felt like we’d gone to the other side of the world and back. That’s one of the most magical parts about living in Las Vegas — as you fly away the scenery goes from razzle dazzle to miles of nothingness is a blink of an eye. The part of this trip I was most excited about — my very first helicopter ride! My friend and coworker Tiffany had invited me on the overnight to get to see the ranch, as our company has some exciting things planned with them. I couldn’t wait! We both went straight from the office, in high heels and dresses. Our fellow passengers, all in appropriate tourist wear, looked at us like we were nuts. We’ll know for next time!

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