I was a Sucker for the Ducks

Duck Boats Seattle Quacker

Our quackers were ready!

I love guided tours. Yes, you read that right… Honestly, I don’t understand why they get such a bad rap, when they provide an excellent way to see all the sites in one tidy go (they’re tourist traps for a reason, right?). Then I can spend the rest of my time in cafes, wandering, or visiting with friends — like I did during my long weekend in Seattle this summer. After quitting my job to move to the San Francisco area this summer, I was determined to visit as many people as I could, starting in Austin, Victoria, and Vancouver. I met my friend Nicole when she interviewed me as a potential roommate for an East Village apartment 13 years ago. She was tough, but (obviously) I made it in! In Seattle, she cools her heels with her husband and two little girls. So on our first day, we were on the search for a kid-friendly, fun-for-adults activity. Luckily, Nicole had her eye on the “duck boats.”

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