It’s beginning to look a lot like…

Pets ChristmasMy little family in Las Vegas is stuffed and exhausted after a gluttonous Thanksgiving and busy Black Friday. After just one day off work, I relaxed so much that I slept 13 hours last night! And today? I got so much done — most of which I won’t detail here, as some of the people I shopped for read this blog. Two I am pretty sure don’t? My two rescue pets, both of whom are now wearing the most adorable little costumes. I hope no one thinks I favor Jax, but he is just the only one who will let me take his photo. (Chase has on antlers, which are now hanging below his chin.) My boys have gone from the streets of Costa Rica to glitzy Sin City, where they often have vacations at the fanciest five-star dog hotel in Las Vegas. It is easier than most people think, bringing rescue pets home from your trip to the United States. It seems like just yesterday, my boys were Costa Rican stray street dogs.

People often tell me that my dogs won they lottery. But I think I did!

Fanciest (five-star!) dog hotel in Vegas

Since I just got back from a two-week trip to Argentina, I’ve been asked numerous times about my dogs. I love that everyone is so concerned! No worries — while I was jaunting through South America, my pups were on their own vacation at a five-star Vegas dog hotel. Here they are with their little good-bye bandanas that have become a standard treat for dogs going home! (Sorry for the poor quality of the pic — they’re difficult, wiggly models at best.) They were so tired and well-behaved when I picked them up. It was a very good sign!

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You can take it with you: bringing rescue pets home from your trip

I bought virtually no souvenirs during my year in Costa Rica. There are few stores in the little pueblo I called home, and I was living out of a pull tote and an Eagle Creek duffel bag anyway. No matter what happened, I’d eventually get on a plane at the end of my time there with a year of my life stuffed into two reasonably sized suitcases. I had no extra room.

But when it came time to go, I found myself with a different sort of baggage. Their names? Jax and Chase.

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