Dating in Las Vegas


I’m often asked about dating in Las Vegas. In many ways, it’s the same as it was in NYC, in that the men who move here don’t do so to find The One. (Hello, Wall Street, etc.) It’s different in Vegas in that you’ve got real, bona fide Playmates and such in your dating pool. (And to make it even worse, many of them are great.) My own situation has the added kick that I spend most of my social energies in situations where I won’t meet any single guys. My world is a blur of parties such as Chanel fashion, Fashion’s Night Out, white parties, Cirque du Soleil premieres, the opening of high-end stores, and charity balls… Not exactly a breeding ground for eligible bachelors. The only way to widen your circles and meet the other “normal” people off-Strip is online.

But now eharmony is ruining everything. Dating in Las Vegas was hard enough before!

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