Daydream of the Week: Coco Beach

Coco Beach Costa RIcaNot sure why I was drawn to this picture today, as it was never one of my favorites. It was taken a year or so ago, on the far south side of the main beach in Coco, Costa Rica, where I used to live. I never much liked how brown the beach looked there, even though all of the boats, many of which I knew and had been on, were so peaceful. But today, it is my favorite picture. The warmth of the brown sand makes me think of the desert surrounding Las Vegas, my favorite city, the place I’ve lived longer than anywhere else my entire life. Yet, I am going to move on, and have just collapsed on my couch after my last day at a job I loved so much. I’ve decided I need to live near the water again and am off to San Francisco. After staring at this photo a bit, I think it represents two very important facets of my life: the career opportunity that has always greeted me in Vegas, and the refreshing ocean air that makes me feel alive. Today, I am on the verge of leaving the former for the latter, a tough decision months in the making, and one I’ve made before.

Desert, beach: When my family moved from Orlando to Albuquerque, my dad always joked that “both had a lot of sand.” I hope they also both hold happiness for me!



This is why I travel

This is why I travel.

After a full day laughing with friends on Lisa and Mau’s boat, drinking, snacking, swimming, weathering a rainstorm, hiking alone on an island, exploring the cave on Playa Juevos… Then this magical sunset as we headed home. With not another soul in sight for as far as we could see, we took in these bright colors, changing from pinks to yellow and orange from horizon to shore. We were all in awe! 

Shown here: Guanacaste’s famous Monkey’s Head Rock, outside of Coco, Costa Rica.