No, I don’t live on the (Vegas) Strip!

My hairstylist, Amber, and I.

Admit it, you’ve been wondering: This chick appears normal, yet she lives in Vegas. For all of my local people out there, you’re already nodding your head. It kills me when even people who love Vegas, who have been coming to town three times a year their entire lives, still go, “I could never be there more than three days; I don’t know how you do it.” Easy. I’ll tell you EXACTLY how I “do it.”


This might come as a surprise.

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Bronzed: Where Las Vegas strippers and socialites collide

Las Vegas women swear by their spray tans, and they all head here, to Bronzed, for a private session with the maestro himself, Terry. Everyone goes to him, from the Strip headliners and socialites at the highest levels (no, I can’t name names!), to the cocktail servers and strippers who come in in the evenings on the way to work. Oh, and me. I would never do any public speaking without a private tan or attend or host a fancy event (with more public speaking)¬†without being properly bronzed. This doesn’t matter what month of the year it is either. “Party Prep” means making a tan appointment.¬†I’d rather shiver in January with tanned legs than (yuck) wear tights.

It’s just the Vegas way.

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