Early to rise, early to board

Kuwait International Airport - ParkingEarly morning and night flights – the bane of a traveller’s life! You might have noticed an increase in this trend, too, as more and more flight companies try and cram as many flights in to popular destinations as possible. Of course this is good for you, as it means more choice and maybe even cheaper fares, but as far as tiredness goes, it’s a recipe for bleary eyes!

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In the News: Top Female Bloggers

Blogging, Ignite Media


I’ve made it no secret that one of the top reasons I keep blogging, even with a full-time job and a side business, (plus trying to have a life!), is the incredible web of people that being in this world allows me to meet. I’m a travel blogger (with some crossover), but there are so many different spheres out there. Ignite Social Media recently published a list of Top Female Bloggers, with topics ranging from Food and Green Living to Politics and Tech. If you can believe it, I was so, so honored to represent Travel with three of my very favorite bloggers!

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When a Layover Goes Bad

As far as I’m concerned, my trip’s adventure begins the second I arrive at the airport. There’s just something about being in a bustling airport, especially in Las Vegas with its rows of (usually occupied no matter the time of day) slot machines, that makes me feel like anything is possible. And hey, it usually is. But sometimes, you end up spending a bit more time in transit than you’d like. After years and years of tears and calls to Mom and lost luggage and who knows what else, I’ve accepted that when you travel as much as I do, these things happen.

So when my Buenos Aires travel buddy, Kirsten, (this is us in Argentina after a good night’s rest) and I got stuck with a whopping 24 hours in the Atlanta airport, we took it in stride.

Hey, we hadn’t seen each other in a few months, so anything we did would’ve been fun. And what’s not to love about a surprise stay at the local Comfort Inn? Argentina could wait!

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