Surreal Sin City Skyline

Las Vegas, travel, photographyWaiting for my car at valet at Monte Carlo a few nights ago, I caught a full view of a resort I never see anymore, and it took my breath away. There was an almost-full moon — illuminating the skyline of a hotel I haven’t been to in years, New York, New York. When it first opened, before my time, that resort was the place to be. I love the theme hotels, how surreal they look while driving down the Strip. The wonderlands of resorts such as Wynn and Encore are breathtaking and where I spend most of my time, and I totally get the new, modern era. But the castles, pyramids and fake blue skies of “Paris” and “Venice” are fun, too. I wonder how many people have a similar photo to this one here (palm trees! In front of the Empire State Building!) and never get to see the real Manhattan skyline. Strange how I can look up and have such an enormous reminder of the city that changed my life. I like that Vegas has that tiny edge of ridiculousness.

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  1. I’ve never been to Vegas (I know, I know), and I definitely think Rodolfo and I will stay in one of the theme hotels when we eventually make it for our first trip. I’ve heard amazing things about the luxury hotels, but you can find those anywhere. Where else do you get the over-the-top places that Vegas offers?

  2. Vegas is beautiful – in such an absurd way. I’m visiting this fall & can’t WAIT!

  3. You guys have to come!! I’ll come visit you at the theme… They’re so fun!

  4. It is Totally Absurd!! Let me know your Vegas plans! I’d love to help out.

  5. Awesome shot chica!

  6. Love that shot!! Reminds me how cool Vegas can be!

  7. absurd, surreal, ridiculous…why not? Fun shot, Abby! 🙂

  8. Aww thanks, ladies! WIth a better camera or postwork, it could’ve been awesome. Someday! It was definitely one of those moments that made stop in my tracks and think, in the nicest way possible, “Do I really live here?”

  9. I like it! Even though I haven’t stayed in the theme hotels, I always like seeing them. Those places are part of what makes Vegas — Vegas!

  10. I agree! I love them.

  11. Just a “tiny edge of ridiculousness”??? 😉

  12. Heehee. I seem to write in soundbytes whether it’s over- or under-stating the case!!

  13. Wow, great shot, beautiful lighting!

  14. Of the theme hotels, this one is my favourite. Not only is NYC my favourite city, I love how the casino has a roller coaster and gambling is pretty accessible there for newbies and those not looking to lose a ton of money. Great photo! =)

  15. This is a classic shot! I love how we sometimes just stumble upon great photo opportunities. Its so beautiful with the moon. New York, NY is one of my favorite theme hotels, until the roller coaster harness incident. Perhaps its time for me to give the hotel another try. I must remember to go to Vegas soon.

  16. That is so freaking cool. Las Vegas sounds crazy, but I’d love to visit one day!

  17. Thanks, everyone! And yes, everyone should come to Vegas!! 😉

  18. Call me crazy, but I love Vegas for its themes and ridiculousness. 🙂

  19. That’s what I love to hear!!

  20. This is such a great photo! I really didn’t expect that I would like Las Vegas, but I had an absolutely awesome time there, and I loved that little bit of ridiculousness that you’re talking about, like palm trees in front of a NYC skyline.

  21. It sneaks up on you! Vegas’ crazy nightlife gets the most attention, but there’s sooo much more to do here.

  22. I love the theme resorts the most. Looking up the Strip, to see an Egyptian pyramid, and a little distance further, the NYC skyline, followed by the Eiffel Tower is just a hoot. Can’t do that anywhere else in the world. 🙂

  23. I agree!! So happy you’re coming back again soon!

  24. This is such a great photo! It’s amazing how long you can live here and still find new beautiful views like this around the city on a daily basis. As small as our city is, it does have some pretty cool things. A very well written article, I’m excited to be inspired again!

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