Daydream of the week: a stroke of fire over the sea

Costa Rica

Simpler times in Costa Rica.

I know, I know… Every traveler has a million travel sunset photos, each one prettier than the last. But if you’ve read my recent post on my current bout of workaholism, you’ll understand why I needed this shot from Costa Rica today. When I lived there, struggling to start a new life for myself, kickstarting a little company from my one-bedroom house, I was so jealous of my friends who hadn’t lost their jobs in the recession and dove into debt like I did. I gradually pulled myself out by living cheaply in Central America and toiling away with a friend of mine on our little news agency — and then I went back to work, as editor-in-chief of Vegas magazine. This post-recession world is different, isn’t it? Either you’re unemployed — or you’re doing the work of 18 people. I was in the former category for almost two years, the first one hell, the second one bliss, and now I am in the latter.

One day at a time… It’s a jungle out there, and you never know what’s coming up next!

A dear friend of mine started an awesome Sunset Sunday map, so every sunset addict can get a proper fix. I dare you to go check it out — I’m warning you, you might get stuck there for awhile!

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  1. This is beautiful !!! I love sunset and sunrise photos 🙂

  2. I hope that you only have blissful years ahead! 🙂

  3. Nice shot, Abby! I want to learn more about those 2 years.

  4. Really? Ok, maybe I will write more…

  5. So beautiful! I love that poke of orange. PS I totally miss you heaps and heaps. <3

  6. Beautiful photo — very soothing effect. You should be so proud of how you’ve turned things around. Awesome!

  7. It’s amazing how photos can be calming, for me it’s underwater photography, our kitchen table (which is also my office) is surrounded by them.

  8. Yes, water is so calming to me, too….

  9. Great shot Abby ….welcome to the club of the Sunset addict 🙂
    Always a fascinating time by just watching at the sunset where ever your are located in the world …..

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