Sony Hidden Project: a day in my life as an editor

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Now that my Hidden Vegas photo exhibit at the Sony Store at the Forum Shops is winding down, I wanted to share my series online. My assignment: use my new Sony NEX-5RK to capture a day in my life as editor-in-chief of Vegas magazine. We decided I’d go “day to night,” from putting together the lifestyle magazine all day in my suburban Nevada office to racing to parties and events at night. I found it a bit challenging to get behind the lens and make my job look fun — after all, a good chunk of my day is spent at my computer editing. I hope you like this inside peek!Β (From there, I showed Β bit about what it is like to get ready for the big events, and then some whirlwind nights on the Strip, but I’ll save that for the next post.)Β The catch: the folks at Sony really pushed their “hidden” agenda, to share our cities not only from the eyes of a local, but from a special point of view, showing no faces. Meanwhile, I was learning to use a brand-new camera.

I have always loved creative challenges! This time, I got to attack a technical one as well.

Here is the “day” part! Early mistakes and all…

Here is a view of my office, which is blanketed with blow-up posters of my favorite covers.Vegas lifestyle magazine



This is my assistant editor Emma, putting in changes that I’ve scribbled all over some layouts. My favorite part? Her “Any Man of Mine” mug from the Shania Twain opening. Emma’s a huge fan, and the cover story (her first!) she wrote on her was a huge hit.

Β lifestyle magazine


This is my “wall.” At the beginning of every issue, pins are put up to represent every single page of edit. When my wall is done, the magazine is ready to ship. I can be quite neurotic about my wall!

The Wall of a Lifestyle Magazine



Before fashion shoots or to prepare for a specific issue, we make “mood boards” to plan the look, fashion, beauty and more.

Fashion vision board of a lifestyle magazine



Most of our main cover and fashion shoots are done in NYC or LA, and our portraits on done on-site at locales all over Vegas, places that are important to the person we’re shooting. But sometimes, we shoot in our studio upstairs from my office.

Working at lifestyle magazine


Shoe shoot lifestyle magazine


Studio Atmosphere Lifestyle magazine

Search the hashtag #sonystore to see photos from other participating cities. Many thanks for Sony for gifting me my NEX 5RX. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I loooove that photo of you! I know how hard you work, but that doesn’t mean you still don’t have a glamorous life. Love it!!!

  2. The Rebel Chick says:

    Fascinating! I imagine your days/nights can be really hectic! How do you like your camera? I have the Sony Nex C3 and have been considering upgrading but I’m not sure it’s worth the cost. I’m already so happy with the C3!

  3. I love this! What a fascinating and fun peek behind the scenes!

  4. Phew! I’m glad I was able to pull through!

  5. Awesome pics!!!

  6. This is so awesome. I wish I had the chance to get down to the strip to check this out. I love stuff like this. Can’t wait for your next post!

  7. What a fun little project. Your life always looks, sounds, and seems glamorous to me!

  8. Love the sneak peek into your life as an editor! Absolutely glamorous to me! πŸ™‚

  9. Most of the time, I’m at my laptop. But thank you SO much for that — it means I did ok with my little assignment!

  10. The photo of the legs and high heels is fun. I think that one is my favorite.

  11. Wow Abby so fascinating peeking into your working routine, I’m not sure I’d manage to be so well organized to be an editor…

  12. What a cool project…

  13. Those blue shoes are adorable. Can you borrow them for me?? πŸ™‚ Your life sounds so glamorous, Abby.

  14. What a life! Photos look amazing.

  15. These are great. I don’t think it would be possible to take interesting photos of my office πŸ™‚

  16. So cool to get an insiders view of your job Abby – loved this post πŸ™‚

  17. I’m glad people enjoyed it! It’s quite hard to make your work day look interesting!

  18. What a swell introduction to your world Abby.

    Great to connect with you on #rtwchat. What an exciting job. Fashion and journalism combined with the bright lights of Vegas, sounds pretty awesome to me!

    Are you looking for staff?!!

  19. Lol — it’s a lot of smoke and mirrors haha. So great to connect with you, too! Can you believe I moved to this world from Costa Rica?!

  20. What a great article. I love getting a glimpse into your everyday life. Very exciting and what a great project by Sony.

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