Personally welcoming Shania Twain to Vegas

Abby Tegnelia Shania Twain Opening NightI don’t hide the fact that one of my favorite parts about living in Las Vegas is that I get to go to so many amazing shows. The Colosseum especially has delivered some amazing nights, from Rod Stewart‘s premiere to meeting the great Celine Dion. But one thing I never saw coming: country! Leave it to Shania Twain to make that happen. After eight years off the stage, let me tell you, she came back with a bang! Her show Shania: Still the One exceeded all of my expectations. And THEN, I was honored to co-host her “welcome to Las Vegas” party with Vegas magazine, of which I am the editor. The cover she did for us was gorgeous! This photo isn’t the best of me at all, but she looks stunning, and that’s all that matters. It was definitely HER night! Shania Twain Las Vegas is going to kill it — in fact, since all of her shows sold out, they’ve already added 12 new ones for next spring.

Meeting Shania passed by in a blur! There were so many people around, trying to see her and take photos. I didn’t know where to look! I live and breathe Las Vegas, through my work at the magazine — but because I truly believe I live in the best city in the world. So I couldn’t have been happier or more proud to be part of the party that welcomed this country siren to our town.

Meeting Shania happened so fast! I have no memory of what we said…


I was really nervous to see Shania’s show. She hadn’t performed in so many years, thanks to her much-publicized troubles that included her producer/husband cheating on her and then losing her voice because of it, and this was her Big Night. I still can’t get over how absolutely amazing all of the Colosseum shows have been: Bette Midler, Cher, Rod, and Celine and Elton John, both of which I have seen three times. But with Shania, we were finally getting country! And someone whose songs I know so well. So many women live for Shania — and her upbeat songs about ditching loser guys and bad hair days. I almost cringe thinking of some of the lyrics now, but when any of her songs come on, it lights up mood. You can’t help but be happy when Shania is playing. She is truly one of my idols.

Shania Twain Emma Trotter

My assistant editor, Emma Trotter (above), is a life-long fan of Shania’s — and wrote our insightful cover story on her. She knew so much about her idol’s upbringing, details on her rough childhood that I didn’t know. Not only were Shania and her siblings raised with little to no money, but her mom and stepdad were then killed in a car accident when Shania was 22. During her Colosseum show, she laments that her mom never got to see any of her success. 

Shania Twain Vegas Abby Tegnelia


Opening night was fantastic: Shania got emotional many times during the show, which included all of her hits, from “Whose Bed Have Your Boots Been Under,” “Up!” and my personal favorite, “Honey, I’m Home.” She was so thrilled to be on that stage! She brought up a few of her super-fans during the campfire medley, which I loved. And her outfits: oh my gosh! You should go see the show just for her wardrobe.

And let me tell you, I saw her up close. She looks younger than I do!

Abby Tegnelia Shania Twain opening night

©Maria Roncal

It is so cool that Las Vegas is becoming such a hot spot for country. (Tim and Faith’s Soul2Soul opened the next week.) Her comeback at the Colosseum is going to be tremendous!!

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  1. I love that you got to meet Shania!! She has been a hero of mine too ever since I heard her life story and realized what an incredibly strong woman she is. 🙂

  2. I am not a fan of her music, but her story is inspiring!!! You both look GORGEOUS!

  3. You both look fab! Shania was definitely my high school soundtrack of choice, so I’m sure it would be fun to see her in concert.

  4. For the nostalgia alone, it was a blast!!

  5. She looks great (you do as well). However, with you standing next to her had no idea she was that short!

  6. Can I have your life for a day 🙂

  7. How awesome! Would have loved to have seen her when I was in town!

  8. I am actually a huge closeted country music fan, so I love this! She has an inspiring story and I’m so happy to hear she has this amazing new opportunity in Las Vegas. And that you and Emma got to meet her up close and personal!

  9. She is so much shorter than I thought she would be!

  10. SO AWESOME! I’m definitely not a big country fan but have always loved Shania Twain’s music and she’s just a fun person to like, as well. So glad to see her back on stage. She truly deserves to be remembered as one of country’s greatest. And wow she looks stunning.

  11. very VERY cool. She’s from a town about four hours east of Toronto. I’m not a country guy but I’m really glad to see her out there again.

  12. sounds like a fantastic night – I love living in Vegas as well. Our amazing shows are a huge perk! I cant wait to check out Shania’s new show.

  13. Canada represent! See if you can upload the Oprah special with Shania on it. It gives you more details about her life. You all look fabulous! Where did you get your skirt, Abby? Love it!

  14. Barneys Warehouse sale! I wasn’t sure about it, but Kirsten Alana convinced me. So glad she did! And it’s a dress!!

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