Seattle day trip: gorgeous Bainbridge Island

Seattle day trips Bainbridge Island

Bainbridge Island is full of beautiful surprises.

After a silly, fun-filled day “Riding the Ducks” in Seattle, my friends and I decided to check out nearby Bainbridge Island. My old pals had just moved from New York, so it was fun that all of us were doing these activities for the first time. (After living in Vegas for more than five years, I know a thing or two about re-visiting the same tourist attractions with out-of-town friends!) Three adults and two kids under the age of five: We were a little late driving to the docks to make the ferry, so we ended up just driving our car right onboard. It was so cool! And very easy. You just drive up, tell them what you want to do, pay accordingly, and drive to where they tell you. It’s quite an experience to watch all of the bicyclists ride on the massive ferry, and then car after car parade on after them.

After landing on the island, we immediately set out on a mission to tire out the youngest of our party so we could then have a bit of adult fun. There’s a little tourism booth when you get off the ferry, and we easily secured a few maps, all of which had the playgrounds clearly marked. We were off!

Bainbridge Island Washington

Driving around the island is really beautiful.


Our ride around the island was really pretty, coming from the city of Seattle. There is tons of farmland, and it was fun to look for animals. The island is beautiful! We easily found Battle Point Park, 90 acres of sports fields, gardens, and jogging paths. It also has a large, colorful playground.

Bainbridge Playground

Battle Point’s playground made the kids in our group very happy.


A group called KidsUp! organized the building of the playground, which opened in 2001. Kids from the community even helped dream up some of the details!

Battle Point Park

Local kids helped plan parts of the playground — and left their mark!



Bainbridge Frog

Battle Point Hearts

This playground was made with love.

Bainbridge Playground Flowers

Bainbridge Fish


After the kids were sufficiently tuckered out, we headed to the famous Cafe Nola for lunch. The bistro is famous for its Bloody Marys.

Cafe Nola Bainbridge


Bainbridge Island is no stranger to kids — the restaurant sets up its tables for drawing.

Cafe Nola Coloring

Even tired kids will love drawing on the tables at Cafe Nola.


Cafe Nola Bloody Mary

Crayons for the kids, Bloody Marys for the adults…


Cafe Nola burger

And the food, like this burger… Delicious!


Cafe Nola food

Itching to get outside after being in the city of Seattle? Bainbridge Island is the perfect day trip!

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  1. Bainbridge Island is so picturesque – I highly approve of this daydream getaway… and just a little green with envy.

  2. It was gorgeous — I wanted to spend a few more days there!

  3. I maybe in Vancouver next month and would like to take a trip down to Seattle too but didn’t consider the surrounding area. Pretty cool!

  4. Love these pics! 🙂

  5. I’m saving this for when I go to Seattle this summer with my kids. Looks like a fun family day 🙂

  6. What a great day trip! The pictures are so colorful and beautiful. I don’t see any rain, isn’t that Seattle? Just kidding. Thanks for sharing!

  7. How cool that the kids got to help with some of the playground’s design touches. They did very well! The little girl is such a cutie, by the way! The burger and fries have my mouth watering — time for dinner!

  8. I thought that was so cool, too. They split the kids up into groups, and they got to brainstorm their wildest dreams for a playground! Yes, my friend’s girls are so gorgeous!!

  9. Bainbridge Island looks lovely. I went for a 2-day camping trip on an island near Seattle, but can’t remember which or where :/

  10. I kept a brochure to remember lol. I really want to take a road trip along the coast!

  11. Another place I’ve never heard of before that looks like a lot of fun. 🙂

  12. I don’t know the northwest US very well at all!

  13. That is a serious bloody mary! But now I’m having total burger lust after that photo.

  14. I’ve also been craving a burger since doing this post — I’d forgotten how good it was!

  15. Okay, so that little girl is about the cutest thing in the entire world.

  16. Isn’t she?

  17. I’ll have to finally get to Bainbridge when I go to Tacoma this summer. It looks so peaceful.

  18. I’d love to see Tacoma, too. I’ve barely spent any time in Washington!

  19. Looks like you had a wonderful day 🙂

  20. Definitely looks like a fun family day trip! It’s been ages since I visited Seattle and I’d love to get back there some day soon.

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