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airport parkingUnfortunately we live in difficult times, and it’s a sad fact that we need to pay particular attention to advice that pertains to travel. This shouldn’t be something that causes you to cancel plans, unless of course you are particularly advised to, but simply something to bear in mind.

There’s no getting around the fact that it is scary to hear about hijacked planes, aircraft going missing, and other heightened security alerts, but these extra security measures are there to prevent such things from happening again, or even at all, so it’s important to comply with security staff at the airport as much as you possibly can.

With all this going on, you don’t need added stress to add to the mix, so arriving at the airport fresh and focused on getting to your destination, and all the fun you’re going to have there, is important. To do this, I always drive myself to the airport, park up, and pre-book airport parking with ParkBCP. If this is something you’ve never given much thought to in the past, maybe it’s time you did. Not only will you arrive calmer, but you will also save money when you compare it with the cost of public transport. No matter where you fly from you’ll find a service, including larger airports, and specific terminals such as terminal 3 parking at Heathrow offered at fantastic rates. It’s simply a case of checking out what it is available at your departure airport.


If you are travelling at a time where there is a heightened security alert at airports, see this as a positive thing. When there are extra measures in place, it means there is far less chance of something happening, and everything that is being done is there for your safety and wellbeing.

You can be reassured that you don’t need to do anything differently to what you normally would, unless you are advised differently. For example, at the time of writing this, there is a new regulation in place that means all electrical devices need to be fully charged, or at least charged enough to allow them to be switched on and off, and that these must be scanned separately to the rest of your hand luggage. This is no big deal and shouldn’t cause you any further upheaval anyway, because your devices will be charged to use them anyway, right?

If you have any questions, simply ask the staff at the airport, who will be happy to help you. The only thing you need to do is report anything that you class as suspicious, but you can be reassured that staff are on the look-out anyway.

Try not to let extra security measures cause you undue worry when you’re travelling off on holiday – at the end of the day, it’s all there to make sure you have a safe and happy travel day.

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