Do You Recognize This Man?

entertainment, Rod StewartSometimes in Vegas you go to work as usual, and by the afternoon you’re outside in the sweltering heat, standing around the over-the-top Garden of the Gods pool surrounded by ridiculous tourists waving paper fans. Don’t forget the people dressed in togas up on the balcony. It was a welcoming party fit for an icon! WhenΒ Rod Stewart arrived, synchronized swimmers dove into the pool kicking up their legs as the song “Hot Legs” blared. They don’t call us Entertainment Capitol of the World for nothing!

Rod Stewart’s Stage Number One: Garden of the Gods Pool

Las Vegas, entertainment, Rod Stewart

His arrival outfit: a green and white track suit (some soccer thing)

Las Vegas, entertainment, Rod Stewart

Stage two: the Colosseum, after a costume change

Las Vegas, entertainment, Rod Stewart

It was an awesome night!! I was worried that “Forever Young” would be the only song I knew, but that was ridiculous. The entire crowd was singing along to every number. Rod Stewart owns the stage — he’s electric. The Colosseum is absolutely massive. It used to take pint-sized Bette Midler a lips-shaped sofa on wheels to get across it. Not only did he leave not a square foot of stage untouched, but he kicked soccer balls into the highest balconies. Rod must be in the best shape of his life. His voice is unique and just incredible, and he danced the night away. It really was an excellent show.

Welcome to Vegas, Rod Stewart!

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  1. Hilarious! Love that first photo.

  2. Haha I did, too. That’s what the stage looked like while we waited for the encore!

  3. Omg, synchronized swimmers?!

    I love your surreal work stories!!

    That’s really cool that you got to see Rod perform! Even if I’m not totally into an artist’s music, its always fun to see veteran performers. Which reminds me…next time I come to Vegas we’re totally going to see Celine Dion! πŸ˜‰

  4. I’m not a huge fan but sounds like an amazing atmosphere!

  5. His “some soccer thing” apparel would be that of Glasgow Celtic. The team he’s supported since he was a kid!

  6. I’d love it if you can back to Vegas!! And I’d go see any show with you, but especially Celine. It’s so good!

  7. Nice!! Sounds like a fun event πŸ™‚

  8. The Celtic!! That was it. I’m a sucker for Brits and their love of soccer — he had an entire number choreographed to clips from a game!

  9. OMG Rod Stewart was the FIRST concert I ever went to! 8 year old Andi was obsessed haha!!!

  10. That’s not the first time I heard that today! Who knew?!


    Love that you went to go see him! I can’t believe he’s still got it…how old is he by now? I mean he looks young and clearly he has the energy…but he’s got to be getting up there by now. The man has been around FOREVER.

  12. Every post you write reminds me that I need to and want to get back to Vegas asap! πŸ™‚ oh and I want to hang out with you!! haha

  13. I thought I saw him at McCarren this afternoon. I find it really funny that he’s back and performing for the same company that he got into a huge legal battle with only a couple of years ago. Glad to hear it’s a good show!

  14. Kyle — haha I love over-the-top Vegas dorkiness! He totally still has it!!

    Steve — I read somewhere that he’s doing 10-show stints here for two years and still living in Essex in between. I can’t believe you saw him!

  15. Leave to Vegas to go over the top! You must never get bored living there. If I had the opportunity, I’d probably go to one of his concerts, too. His raspy voice is just so captivating.

  16. I am half British – of COURSE I recognize this man! What a fun (albeit somewhat random) day.

  17. Not a fan, but looks like it was a fun time. Love the tracksuit lol πŸ™‚

  18. Whoa, he looks the same as he did 20 years ago, great shots!

  19. Rod’s looking pretty good for himself. Really glad to hear that he puts on a great show — maybe I’ll get to see him in concert sometime. Vegas would be a perfect setting!

  20. I love the way you write about this! I have never been a fan of Rod’s, but I do think I’ve found the show I’d like to go to in LV — sounds like an amazing performance.

  21. Now that would be a great show. He’s still got the same haircut from all those years ago… πŸ™‚

  22. If you want my body and you think I’m sexy come on baby let me know…

    Who doesn’t know that song?

  23. Yes, that raspy voice! It’s so, so good.

    Yes, Ayngelina, that was another of the songs I knew. I was so dense before the show to think I wouldn’t know more!

  24. Okay- so love this post. Rod Stewart was actually the first concert I ever went to! when I was 9 and it was for my birthday and it was amazing! I’m pretty sure I would know every song too!

  25. Haha I love it! So many people have told me that — both here in Vegas, and online!

  26. This guy doesn’t seem to change with time…good pics!

  27. They’re not paparazzi-worthy yet, but I tried!

  28. I remember seeing a Madonna concert in Vegas about 15 years ago and she started it out by saying “Somehow I just know I’m going to end up playing in this town”. I didn’t quite understand what she meant at the time, but now after seeing Celine, Cher, Elton John and (soon) Rod Stewart… I get it… =)

  29. Now I feel like listening to Rod Stewart! Great first photo and love that song “Some Guys Have all the luck.” I don’t think that’ s the title but I’m too lazy to google it right now. Always love hearing about your Vegas experiences.

  30. Definitely a concert worth attending. It’s great when a performer lives up to their billing, as so many times they simply don’t.

  31. He hasn’t changed too much since his heyday. These older rock stars seem to be made of stamina!

  32. You’re right, Corrine! Touring when they’re younger probably makes them fit for life. And then they retire early, with nothing to do but exercise! It’s a great combo!

  33. Wow, haven’t heard from (or rather – about) Rod Stewart in years, decades. Seem to remember he supports Celtic football club (in Glasgow), hence the jacket.

  34. Yup! I will definitely not forget that for a long time!

  35. Rod Stewart has the Dick Clark syndrome… how OLD is he now?!

  36. I don’t want to know!! Old enough that his physical stamina is super-impressive!

  37. He better won’t read your blog entry “Some soccer thing”! Hahaha

  38. I’ve been given a proper Celtic education since then!

  39. Awww well look at Rod and his matching outfit! How adorable!

  40. That’s how I saw it — and “outfit”! Soccer what?

  41. I was such a huge fan of Rod Stewart, I’m glad that you knew more songs than Forever Young. He was one of the first albums I ever owned. I used to listen to him and Pink Floyd (the only other album I owned at the time) over and over until my parents had to buy me more music. My fav…Young Turks. Did he sing any of his latest Jazz renditions or was it all Rock n Roll.

  42. Just rock ‘n’ roll! It was really fun. So many people have either commented or emailed that Rod was either their first concert or first album. I love it! Mine was Madonna. πŸ™‚

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