Rental apartments in New York City: What You need to Know

Finding  a rental in NYC is no easy task.I lived in New York for five years in my early 20s, some of the happiest times of my life! Just out of college, I truly thought anything was possible. And the excitement of living in the city added to dreamy idealism. I would have done anything to make living in Manhattan work. My room was so small that I had to get off the foot of my bed, and my closet was a flimsy free-standing thing out of a catalog. But who cares – I was living in Manhattan! But finding an apartment there is not an easy task. I’ve compiled some tips on finding a rental – for both travelers passing through, and those with more long-term plans.

Tips on selecting rental apartments in New York City

New York City is a popular destination for those travelling for business or leisure because of its engaging scenery and diverse people. However, it is important to have an idea of where you will stay once you get to this vibrant city. New York has a variety of accommodation options to choose from with the most common being apartments, flats, condos and studios among others. These living spaces can be ideal for families as well as single people that want to enjoy their personal space. Even so, apartments in New York are usually the desired choice by many people seeking accommodation for a short or long time period.

Rental apartments in New York: What You need to Know

Most times, apartments in New York are rented out to tenants at varied fees depending on the type of apartment. However, before paying for an apartment, it is important to consider a number of factors which include:

First, compare the rental fees of various apartments before deciding on one that meets your budget and is still quality housing. If working with a broker or referral service, ensure that they do not charge you exorbitant fees for their services.

Second, ensure that the rent of the apartment is stabilized to avoid increase in rent in an unlawful manner amongst other benefits.

Third, ensure that you get a lease and read through it carefully before signing it and then moving into the apartment. Ask as many questions as possible about the terms and conditions to gain a better understanding of your rights as a tenant.

Popular types of apartments in New York

There are different types of apartments in New York that one can choose from, depending on your preference. The most popular ones are:

  • Garden apartment

These apartments in New York have a garden area that can be used as a relaxation area in the home. It is also a good place to entertain guests during the summer and is ideal for people that enjoy the outdoors.

  • Studio

This type of apartment is basically one room that has a kitchen as well as full bathroom and is ideal for a single person. In some cases, the studio apartment my also include an alcove which can be used for dining.


  • Loft

A loft is a single room that has ceilings as well as windows that are quite high up, making it look quite large. Lofts can have a single room or more thus making it possible to be rented out by singles and families as well.

  • Convertible

These apartments in New York consist of a space that is large enough for it to be divided into two rooms. The extra room can be used as a bedroom or even dining area in the apartment.

  • Duplex

In most cases, these types of apartments in New York have two levels but some referred to as Triplex have three levels. The levels are unique with one specifically set aside as a bedroom for the living space and is usually on the second floor.

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