Daydream of the Week: Flying Private

Abby Tegnelia ElJet private jet charter

About to board my very first private jet flight.

Instead of looking back at one of my favorite places this week, I was thinking about how in the last year I managed to fly private three times… and how there’s this awful chance I might never again. Of course, I might never again make it to Sunny Beach, Bulgaria or Borneo, so how perfect a daydream is hopping on a private jet? I joked that “I could get used to” private jets, and “fine, I’m a jet-setter” after my first two flights — when not flying to the Grand Canyon for the day on my third. But the truth is, I get so frustrated booking my own flights when I travel. And with all three of those flights I didn’t even have to – one was as part of a contest, one was with my company, and one was a group trip. So I asked my friend at ElJet to walk me through actually booking a private jet charter to Las Vegas or Van Nuys, the private airport used by celebrties. He told me to close my eyes, and then he played with my famous impatience: Imagine this, Abby. You’re calling in to your favorite commercial flight company after you have scoured their website for the best deal and departure time. You finally reach the customer service line only to receive an automated response. After pounding on the ‘0’ button and shouting “representative!” you finally reach a human – who tells you about an extra surcharge…

In that awful daydream, we’ve just reached the part where I hang up. Because that happens all the time in real life… and I hang up.

Private Jet Charter ElJet

And ahhhh, that is just when I got to learn about the Travel Portfolio Manager. Direct line, fantastic service, and then a customized trip on a private jet. Once onboard: a few drinks to get the party started or maybe some blackjack, plus the nicest pilots. When you land in Las Vegas, there is a limo waiting for you to whisk you straight to the Las Vegas Strip.

 Private Jet Charter ElJet

Alas, my friends, this is where I must wake up and fall back to reality. But if you are interested in a jet charter, I couldn’t recommend ElJet anymore. They were amazing about special requests, had this Vegas local’s car ready (AC running!), and planned everything down to the finest detail. As much as I love Las Vegas, sometimes getting to leave and come back makes me like it even more — especially when ElJet was the one inviting me on the trip, as part of the welcoming committee for four very excited contest winners flying a private jet charter for the first time. ElJet is the very best!

ElJet: 888-355-3538 or

I flew with ElJet last year as part of a very fun contest, but all opinions are my own.

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  1. One of my biggest dreams in life! Oh I think my heart would explode from joy if I flew private.

  2. ElJet is run by good people that really know how to run a fair and high-quality business. I have had the privilege of working with them a few times over the years and it has always been positive. This is a good company.

  3. Please stop tempting me with fabulous things I can’t afford!

  4. What Emily said. I’ve never flown private before, but I’d love to!

  5. Girls’ trip? Lol.

  6. Okay, this is on my bucket list now! Now to make it happen…

  7. Everyone should do it at least once!!

  8. I want to feel like a rock star, but how much roughly is this indulgence going to set me back?

  9. I’m afraid it is a bit out of our league lol. 🙁

  10. See, I’ve never flown in a private jet.

  11. I can only IMAGINE. How freaking GLAM would this be? I would feel like a rockstar!

  12. Interesting, could be good for a group coming for a celebration.

  13. What an amazing experience for you!!!

  14. I’ve flown Business, next step is First Class and then… whatever, I’m going to skip first class… next: Private Jet! 🙂

  15. Thanks to my serious lack of funds i always fly cattle class which SUCKS! I think I would suit the jet setting life!!!

  16. We have flown on a few small private air trips, and it is very cool, but never a jet. That pretty much takes it over the top.

  17. It was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

  18. That is very much my style, lol Wouldn’t mind to own my private jet, I guess that even less hustle! Still only a dream so far 🙂

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