Popular Casinos in Las Vegas

Las Vegas StripIn many parts of the world (including my home state of Nevada!), playing online casino games are a fantastic way of passing the time. But if you enjoy playing online, why not try your hand playing on the Las Vegas Strip? Take a holiday in order to enjoy the real deal! Everybody knows about Vegas from the hundreds of films and TV shows that show off the pure fun and excitement you can have in the city. I lived there on and off for seven years, and I can assure you that it never gets tired — the electricity you feel when you walk onto the casino floor really can’t be beat!

Half the fun of a Vegas vacation is wandering through all of the casinos. My picks? Venetian, for starters — I like it so much in fact, that I stayed at its sister resort when I went to Macau! This casino is unlike anywhere else in Las Vegas because it replicates Venice, Italy — down to the serenading gondoliers, St. Marks Square, and beautiful blue “indoor sky”. Another casino that you are bound to have heard of is Bellagio, as this casino has appeared in hundreds of different films and TV shows over the years and is renowned for being one of the best casinos in the world. It also has a huge casino floor with hundreds of different games. Like those at GamingClub.com/au, all of the games are available to play at any time day or night. Another fantastic place to visit while in Las Vegas has to be the MGM Grand; like Bellagio, it has also appeared in many films. This casino has something extra that the Bellagio doesn’t have — and that is an arena in which to house concerts and sporting events such as prize-winning boxing matches that bring in thousands of people every year.

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