Peace in Colonia

Uruguay, travel, South AmericaThis is my friend Kirsten. Doesn’t she look happy? Relaxed even… This is news because a few days prior, in Buenos Aires, she was stressed out to say the least, after a street thief grabbed her precious iPhone right out of her hands while we were in a cab. A day trip to Colonia, Uruguay turned out to be just what we needed. The peaceful old town area of this quaint port town featured adorable shops, safe streets and outdoor cafes — a perfect little break to big city life in Argentina!



Uruguay, South America, travelA reflection of one of Colonia’s signature yellow lanterns.

Uruguay, South America, travelThe town is so quaint, tourists rent golf carts instead of cars.

South America, Uruguay, travelI loved the care with which the stores wrapped even the simplest souvenirs.

Uruguay, South America, travel

Honoring a saint in Colonia.

Uruguay, South America, travelA most delicious river-side lunch kicked off with a tasty bottle of wine.

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  1. THAT WAS A GREAT DAY!!!!!! Thank you for going to Colonia with me and for taking so many pictures of me smiling, so I have some happy memories from South America. Thank you for being my travel partner.

  2. It WAS a great day!! I have such happy memories. I wish I could meet you there for happy hour. 🙂

  3. I wish we could meet ANYWHERE for happy hour *right now*. I need me some Abby and some yummy wine pronto!!

  4. Just seeing that last pic of the chilled chardonnay, the little basket of bread … made me want to be sitting with you in Colonia!!! Looks beautiful. I wish every store had cute little tissue paper flowers to put on brown paper bags. Would make it a little work of art instead of trash. I didn’t even know you went to Uruguay! Lucky!!!

  5. Bob Crunch says:

    It is unfortunate she had her iPhone stolen but it sounds like she had a very relaxing day to make up for it. Great article!

  6. looks like a gorgeous place… cant wait to travel in south america…

  7. It WAS gorgeous!! I wish we’d spent more than a day there. I definitely want to spend a few weeks in Uruguay.

  8. It looks like such a photogenic place! I can’t believe I’ve been to Argentina like 5 times now and have still never been…

  9. You already know how I feel about Colonia 🙂 But maybe I would have enjoyed it more if I was drinking wine and sitting in the sun.

  10. Kyle, I wish I’d known more about Uruguay before we went. It was definitely worth more than a day! (Stating the obvious…)

    Stephanie — yeah, I would’ve been bored after about an hour had we not chosen to relax and enjoy some wine, girltalk and laughs!

  11. That’s the way we know you. You always make the best out of any situation! Love your positive attitude!

  12. Aw thanks, Sebastian! We ended up having a great time!!

  13. I really hope Kirsten gets her iphone back or at least the insurance money, some people make me so angry. At least you took her out and cheered her up, those golf carts are a great idea for getting around the tight little street and alleyways.

  14. oh to be young and… restless… travelled to Britain when I was your age. Ran into George Harrison on the street. He was coming out of a pub. I was crossing the street toward the pub. I said ‘hi george.’ He smiled.

  15. Thanks, Ryan! It was startling to be in a cab, feeling safe, and have someone reach in like that. It was awful!

    Love the story, David!! I am definitely restless…

  16. I liked Colonia and thought it was cute, but I think I’d appreciate it more now. Study abroad me wanted things to DO, whereas adult me can appreciate the value of a place where you just chill out and enjoy the scenery.

  17. I totally understand that!! Calling something a “lovely afternoon” makes me feel so old, but it’s so true!

  18. I agree! Colonia is so peaceful…we didn’t buy anything but I wish I had now…love the wrapping!

  19. Looks like Colonia is now down in my “Places To Travel” list! Anywhere where life takes on the pace of a golf cart (or slower) must surely be relaxing.

  20. That’s what it’s all about…the simple pleasures. Cute pics!

  21. It was definitely a “simple pleasures” kind of day!

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