Daydream of the Week: palm trees

I grew up mostly in Florida, and one of my most vivid memories is mailing (yes, snail mail) a photo of my family’s new pink stucco house adorned with palm trees to some old friend near Washington, DC, where I lived during elementary school. I so fast grew to love the more tropical lifestyle of Christmases so warm you could run outside and play with your toys that day. To this day, I get a kick out of pastel stucco, and man I love humidity. I love Vegas, too, and will never be one of those people who complain about the heat: I’d rather be too hot for a month or two (yes, it really does get up to 120-ish) than too cold and gray for nine. But my dry eyes and stuck-to-my-eyeballs contacts miss the humidity of both Florida and my adult paradise of Costa Rica, and in the winter when my hands are so dry… I long for that humidity that’s so thick you feel like you’re walking through a cloud. As a Pisces, a creative writer with a wild imagination, I have always loved my daydreams. And palm trees often rule. Here’s a recent photo I took in Costa Rica. Enjoy!


It’s a jungle out there!

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  1. You are the second humidity lover I have talked to in the last week. I love the idea of visiting it (Costa Rica!) but not the idea of living in it.

  2. Yes!!!!! Someone else who loves the heat AND even the humidity!! I whole heartedly agree. As soon as it gets down to 69 F I’m whiny and upset. But get me somewhere in the middle of August where it’s in the nineties and I’m in fifth heaven.

    LOVE your Palm Tree photo. And Costa Rica! Beautiful.

  3. You love humidity?!! No wonder you loved Costa Rica so much. I remember stepping off the plane in Costa Rica years ago and thinking I might actually melt.

  4. I adore palm trees and humidity too, we just don’t get it in Canada and it symbolizes vacation to me.

  5. I love palm trees and real hot weather, but I can’t stand humidity. Nice to hear that you can adjust to that kind of climate as well:)

  6. I’ll take hot & humid over colder weather any day! And it’s about time to find myself surrounded by palm trees… been too long!

  7. I love heat, but you can have all of my humidity. And we can share the palm trees!

  8. That sounds like a perfect compromise!!

  9. Beautiful photo!

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