One Trip, Four Hotels

Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSome people think it’s a pain to move hotels once you get settled into a new city, but I pack really light and like seeing different neighborhoods. On my recent trip to Argentina, I stayed in four Buenos Aires hotels in two weeks. Scoring a discount for being a “lonely” traveler (I have to assume they meant “solo”) was just one of the highlights.

La Recoleta

My first stay ended up being cut short, since we arrived in Argentina a day later than expected. I don’t have much to stay about my first hotel, the Dazzler Libertad, in the La Recoleta neighborhood, but it was great to have a room reserved so I could throw my bags down after such a long trip and pass out. The only photo I took was of all the water I drank after two days of travel and then too much red wine my first night, pictured above with my friend Cathy. Fierro Hotel, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaI’d been dying to meet her ever since she was a lifeline when both of us were living as expats in rural Latin America. (She still lives in Mendoza, which I hope to make it to next time.) The Dazzler served mostly business travelers, and I did enjoy being close to the Avenida de 9 de Julio, which claims to be the widest boulevard in the world. I believe it — it’s enormous!

Palermo Soho

On day two, I moved to Palermo Soho, to the wonderful Fierro Hotel. Its enormous beds were so comfortable that I slept until noon! Really, they rivaled the beds at the Wynn here in Vegas, one of my favorite hotels, mostly because of their fluffy, comfy beds. At Fierro, I had the pleasure of meeting Martin Rosberg, who owns the hotel, and a few other interesting projects, with other members of his family. We had espresso and a few chocolates (the Argentinians love their sweets so much that it’s sometimes hard to find anything else to eat in the afternoons). We had our early evening merienda out in the garden, pictured here. The showers in the rooms were amazing, as was the food in the Spanish restaurant, Hernan Gipponi. I was sad to go!

Fierro Hotel, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaFierro Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Palermo Hollywood

From there, I moved on to the Hollywood section of Palermo, to a charming guest-room sort of accommodation at the Baucis Hotel. I ended up really liking it there — the staff was friendly, and it felt less like a hotel and more like I was staying in someone’s home. For such a long trip, it was nice to have some time not feeling like I was in a hotel. And hey, I got a discount for being a “lonely” traveler!

Baucis Hotel, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaBaucis Hotel, Buenos Aires, Argentina







San Telmo

My last hotel was the adorably artsy Moreno Hotel, in San Telmo, near where my dear friend, Andi, was getting married. I somehow came out with no photos of the hotel itself, but I did snap some pics of the famous weekly market that happens just steps away every Sunday. We spent a wonderful afternoon there after checking out of the hotel, awaiting our evening flight home. It was a crisp sunny fall day, perfect for navigating the crowded tables.

San Telmo, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSan Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Saying Good-bye

Our final meal: steak, of course, at El Desnivel, a local parrilla grill that we easily found, due to the many eager customers fighting to get in. (Thank you, Ayngelina, for the recommendation!) We figured that was a good sign and somehow got a table. (You can also grab a steak sandwich to go.) I loved the lively atmosphere, which reminded me of Sunday brunch in New York. Everyone was drinking red wine or beer, seemingly without a care in the world. And really, don’t go in there with any stress at all — Argentinian service is notoriously slow, and no one is going to rush on a Sunday, for better or worse! So step inside, relax, and order a drink. You’ll have plenty of time to figure out which one of the many types of meats you want. Ask for a side of the chimichuri sauce — I usually don’t like any sauce on my meat, but the one’s hotness impressed even this spice snob from New Mexico. I loved how strong a kick it had!

El Desnivel, parrilla, Buenos Aires, Argentina, San TelmoEl Desnivel, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Where to stay in Buenos Aires:

Dazzler Libertad, La Recoleta

Fierro Hotel, Palermo Soho

Baucis Hotel, Palermo Hollywood

Moreno Hotel, Sam Telmo

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  1. I don’t think I’ve ever actually stayed in different hotels consecutively in the same city — but that’s mostly because I usually don’t spend that long in one city! It can be so hard to choose hotels so I think that staying in different ones in different neighborhoods is totally brilliant 🙂

  2. Thanks, Liz! I like to move around, but four in one city was a record, I think, even for me.

  3. I think the most I have moved was 3 times in one city during a holiday. But only because the first room was flooded and the hotel was overbooked, the second one was next to a construction site and then I finally found a nice and quiet hotel 🙂 It was a funny trip though!

  4. I think it’s fun to try out different hotels and neighborhoods, especially if you’ve got a couple of weeks. These hotels sound great. The bed at Fierro Hotel looks totally inviting.

  5. Wow! Looks like a fun time.

    I find myself liking guest houses much more than big hotels. Though those pools at the big names can look tempting.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. I sometimes do that too and stay in different places in the same town just to see more 🙂

  7. I like to change hotels too. It’s nice for a change of pace. Hotel rooms are generally so small that they start to feel claustrophobic so switching them up isn’t a bad idea 🙂

  8. So awesome that you got to see so many different barrios of BsAs! Palermo Soho is my fave!!!

  9. Love that I’m not the only one who likes to change it up!!

  10. Gah I miss BA! And these hotels look fantastic!

  11. I would never eat steak with chimichurri sauce, it makes the dish! Happy you liked DesNivel if you had gone to Buenos Aires and not eaten steak I would have felt terrible.

  12. Funny how I think I have never considered changing hotels when staying in the same city, however I never spend more than 3 or 4 days anyhow, and that’s a lot! Good ideas though, and reading about Argentinian sweets made me remember Alfajores…you didn’t send me any via email did you Abby?? 😉

  13. Haha I’m a bit alfojara-ed out!

    Ayngelina — we looved it there! It was so fun and packed and felt like the perfect Sunday. And the food was amazing. Thank you so much!

  14. I like changing hotels in the same place too – and I can imagine in a place like Buenos Aires it makes a lot of sense as far as getting a feeling for different parts of the cities. I would have a hard time choosing among these! They all sound wonderful! 🙂

  15. I LOVE that you stayed in four different hotels in different areas in a span of two weeks. Brilliant. 🙂

  16. Great idea to try different hotels, is that a bit like changing your dress according to your mood or the people you’re hanging out with or what you fancy doing. Change the hotel, see a different style and a different neighbourhood.

  17. I love your idea of staying in different hotels and different areas of the city. It’s such a lovely feeling to get to know the little area around your hotel, so why not do that a few times in the same city?! When I get to Buenos Aires, I will check these out.

  18. Chimichurri is freaking phenomenal! I don’t mind moving hotels and such – especially if they look this fabulous.

  19. no one has ever stayed in more hotels in such a short time

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