My New Favorite Waterfront Town

I visited my friend Simone in Victoria BCAs I resume blogging after quite some time off (starting your life over can really zap your energy!), I find myself smack in the middle of sharing my visit with my friend Simone in charming Victoria BC, her hometown. Simone is a fellow writer and blogger, and I just love her. She came to Vegas a few times and stayed with me, so I was thrilled to get to visit her!

My favorite part about Victoria is that it sits on the waterfront – it is actually the largest town on Vancouver Island, off the west coast of Canada. To get there, I flew into Vancouver and bought a bus/ferry ticket at the airport (it was very easy). The ferry ride to Victoria was stunning, so I was excited to take a ferry ride around Victoria.

I’m happy any day I get to be out on the water! Especially in a town like Victoria, which looks beautiful from the ferry.


Victoria is gorgeous from the water


The harbor had some beautiful boats, and some cool-looking houseboats. I’m envious!


A lot of people in Victoria have boats and houseboats


We had enjoyed a beautiful sunny day when I first arrived, but it was gloomy on the day we took our ferry tour. But there was something cool and cozy about being on the water on such a gray day.


It was a gloomy day on the water


It got darker as the day went on!

The day got gloomier as it wore on



Victoria is less than 100 miles from Seattle, and you can get there by plane, in addition to ferries. Some of the planes land right on the water!

Planes reach Victoria from Vancouver and Seattle

In Victoria, planes land right on the water


Back on land, Simone and her (awesome) day took me on a drive around the island. As you can imagine, there were so many stunning views! Our tour ended with a beautiful sunset.

Victoria has beautiful watery sunsets


I’ve had a quiet six months (more on that to come!) settling into my new home and figuring out how to pay these steep northern California prices. But looking at these gorgeous photos makes me miss traveling, too. Doing this little post has also proved some encouragement to re-connect with more of my friends. I’ve been working so hard that I’ve become a bit isolated. And without blogging, I’ve lost touch with some of my blogger friends, too. As you can see, us travel/writer types stick together!



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  1. I recently spent some time in Washington and agree that being by the water, even when it’s gray, is so nice. So peaceful. I haven’t been to Victoria since I was about 5!

  2. I’m such a girl who associates beach with sun, but this was a reminder I need to get out to Half Moon Bay and some of the other places around here just to have some time by the ocean!

  3. Love the sea planes and the reflections on the water. What a great place to relax.

  4. It was!!

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