First Six Weeks

Since I’m playing catchup, I’ve cut and pasted journal entries from my first six weeks in Costa Rica. And by journal entries, I mean Twitter updates. Short and sweet: enjoy!

August 10: Next time you hear from me, I’ll be in my new oceanside villa, the second blondest chica in a world of Ticos.

August 13: Went kayaking, swam with an octopus, and narrowly missed being stared down by an eel today. Then I polished off a few beers, clearly.

August 24: High from zip lining!!!! The three-year-old in my group may or may not have been a LOT better than me.

August 28: Spooked about living in a scorpion den. Four in one week! But just saw three monkeys.

August 29: Octopus, snorkeling, swimming, porcupine fish, secluded beaches, cervezas, sea urchins, hiking, driving the boat FAST, a perfect day…

September 1: Looking forward to another party in la Casa Hormiga Borracha.

September 2: Being randomly audited for no reason while living in paradise thousands of miles from all of your papers that are in storage suuuucks.

September 12: Poorest time of my life, yet enjoying bottomless bottles of champagne poolside in tropical Costa Rica. Recessions are for suckas.

September 16: Boy captain and his three ladies played with dolphins, a seahorse and a sea turtle. Sun, open ocean, two fresh tuna for dinner. Sheer joy.

September 16: My town doesn’t have a gas station. Starting to feel like a country bumpkin and loving it.

September 18: Torture is having a hangover when the water’s out.

September 18: Plan A: good night’s sleep before going on boat tomorrow. Plan B: watch a scorpion scurry under my bed and realize I might never sleep again.

September 18: Vaulted like an Olympian off and back on my bed to get water. Ambien, I need ya, buddy. Costa Rica, I thought I knew you.

September 18: It’s cool, I’ll just sleep in my clothes. With a live scorpion under my bed. Piece of cake. I’m a brave chica in the jungle. Here me roar.

September 18: Must believe that the scorpion has not crawled INTO my bed, cannot crawl into my bed oh, horrors that tail all curled up ewwwwweeeeek.

September 22: Is it really bad luck to kill a spider? Found the sucker from last night, and he’s grown a bull’s eye.

September 22: Was totally fine w the gigantic spider in my room until it became the middle of the night, and it became human-flesh-eating, sleep-preventing.

September 22: Green, chlorinated hair, red sun-burnt shoulders… just call me la Navidad.. hot.

September 23: My spider is trying to talk to me, “Why’d ya move me outside with a broom, b*tch.” How’d he get back in? And find “his” spot above my bed?

September 23: My new pet spider is so cute. He wiggles his legs around when I come into the room.

September 23: Nature, take it down a notch. I’ve accepted my new pet spider, Boris, but the snake? Too much.

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  1. hehe I love the scorpion tweets. i do think you need to tell it who’s boss though. Can’t be getting pushed around by a critter that fits under your shoe.

  2. In that case, I’ll add my spider, too. I was SUCH a wimp when I first got here!

  3. These are hilarious.

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