Off the Beaten Path in Napa

Tiffany Carey Abby Tegnelia Napa vineyardsAfter spending a lot of time in Napa, like in any other tourist destination, sometimes the most special experiences happen when you get off the proverbial “beaten path.” I could spend weeks in wine country and never become tired of the planned tours and tastings (such as Trinchero, and Robert Mondavi)  — you learn so much and become enthralled by the local personalities. Still, on my most recent trip, I was dragged against my will (haha) to a private lunch at the home of Garrett Ahnfeldt, one of the most gorgeous private Napa vineyards. Upon arrival, local ingredients were being pounded into the most delicious of dishes. As everything was being prepared, we were served wine (when isn’t there wine being served in that neck of the woods?) and took in the views.

Now that’s a lunch party! Everything was made from fresh, local ingredients, from the veggies grown nearby to the olive oil made at a nearby winery. And the wine? RIght. Check out the backyard.

Food G

Napa vineyards G


After some sun, crisp white wine, and fresh veggie starters, we indulged in homemade bread and butter. Our hosts? Garrett’s G Wine Cellars. The emerging winery is Bordeaux-specific and produces 1500 cases a year.


Bottle G


After lunch, Zeke Quezada taught us to relax. Prior to this, the only time we’d traveled together was to ride Harleys around the Grand Canyon, so it was nice to see he can enjoy himself in this kind of environment. This is all tongue in cheek of course — Zeke does the good life better than I think even I do!

Zeke Quezada Napa


After lunch, we were invited on a walk through the house’s vineyard. Our guides were the best!
G vineyard


Garrett is one lucky guy: the winery we were strolling through is his backyard. To hear him tell it, he began farming at the age of 7. The family produced their first wine in 2002.

G wine cellar owner Garrett Ahnfeldt


Did I mention this was Tiff’s first time to Napa?

Tiffany photos


Tiffany and I had a great time!
Tiffany Carey Abby Tegnelia Napa


But John Curtas, also a foodie from Vegas, regular contributor to Vegas magazine, and founder of Eating Las Vegas, takes the cake when it comes to relaxing. He’s a natural in Napa!

John Curtas


Much thanks to G Wine Cellars for the luncheon invitation! I recommend checking out their site. As you can see above, they are very into how wine pairs with food, and their site lists some delicious recipes. For us Vegas folks. eating such fresh food, with wine, on a gorgeous day in the sun (overlooking acres of vineyards) was almost too special. It’s just not what we get to do at home!


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  1. Absolutely love Napa and love this post. Adore John Curtas’s take on relax! My kind of guy 🙂

  2. Yes, this just about sums up one of the best ways to spend time in the world — great wine and food in the sunshine among the vines in California wine country. Looks like it definitely suits you, too.

  3. This looks like the ultimate Napa Valley experience. I love that the food and even olive oil comes from such local sources. I have met the Ahnfeldts from Ahnfeldt Wines and other Napa wineries–must be the same family. Very nice people.

  4. Love that you know the Ahnfeldts! I wish I had dinner parties and events like this every weekend!

  5. Now, that’s a fabulous way to spend a day in Napa Valley!

  6. I can’t imagine a more relaxing day in a more beautiful locale! A brilliant introduction to Napa!

  7. It was a wonderful, wonderful day… I would love to have a patio like that!

  8. Everyone in this post just oozes coolness. I’m also trying to picture my backyard being a vineyard.

  9. Sounds amazing! I love seeing photos of Napa – they always remind me of the Okanagan Valley in BC, where my Mom is from.

  10. Sounds like the perfect Napa experience.

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