My favorite photos of 2010: “best of” signs

I wish I’d taken more photos of funny signs. Oh, I’m kicking myself for leaving Coco before snapping a pic of the famous “phishing” guidepost! Anyway, here are just a few of my favorites from last year. A quick post before my mongo-sized travel and Costa Rica ones!

“Some of our wares are different; the rest are the same ‘ol stuff you see anywhere else” … On Coco’s main drag. And it’s misspelled to boot.

YUM! From a menu in Varna, Bulgaria.

Duh… At a lookout point in San Francisco.

Always classy at the fair: a men’s restroom in Coco, Costa Rica.

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  1. That men’s room sign is priceless!

  2. The first photo made me laugh, they are never different!

  3. My laugh for the day! I LOVE all of these … but the processed cheese may be my favorite since I’m the VT girl raised on pure, real GOOD cheese!

  4. Haha I loved the “chicken with processed cheese” one!
    Yesterday I saw a pretty funny sign outside a Dentist saying “We have laughing gas”…!

  5. Oh, the peeing sign…

  6. Haha glad you guys enjoyed them! No, Ayngelina, those souvenirs are NEVER different. And to this day, I don’t know what chicken “bits” and processed cheese means… As far as the peeing one, well, that’s Latin America for you!

  7. That Hombres one KILLS me. Hysterical!!! I love me a good foreign sign, especially the ones that butcher the English language.

  8. Great peeing sign! I love signs, but always forget to photo them too! 🙂

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