Only in Vegas: driving American muscle cars

Abby Tegnelia World Class Driving

I didn’t mean to match my favorite car!

A fearless driver I am not. When I went race car driving with a group of friends, I was the only one who chose a ride-along — but that is my need for speed talking, too. If I’d have driven, I would have putt-putted around the track. (Lame.) Same with off-roading: If I hadn’t jumped in the passenger seat, I would never have gotten airborne! So when World Class Driving convinced me to join their American Muscle Car driving experience one morning, I was so in. I now know that there are ways that even scaredy cats like me can be in on the fun.

Even though being driven around a professional racetrack was the thrill of a lifetime (topped only by flying a jet plane), World Class Driving’s leisure activity was something special. The guys (and one girl) who were SO excited by the muscle cars were thrilled that they got to drive them all morning.

In fact, World Class Driving is the first company to allow guests to take these kinds of muscle cars out on the open road.

Instead of blinking an eye on the race car track and then your rush (oh what a rush!) is over,  with these driving experiences, you actually feel like you had a half-day of fun. The packages are also much less expensive than the race car ones.

And we were off!

 World Class Driving car driving experience

The best part of not driving? I got to take a ton of pictures! Nothing’s more peaceful than a morning ride…

Red Rock in motion


Since my sign in the Chinese zodiac is a snake, and it happens to be the year of the snake (so I celebrated the Chinese new year with a bang), I have been somewhat obsessed. So I couldn’t help but love the Shelby GT500.

World Class Driving Shelby GT500

Shelby GT500 Snake


It was a glorious morning to take a drive through Red Rock Canyon.

Red Rock mountains

Red Rock Canyon


Every 30-50 miles (depending on which package you buy), you switch cars, so everyone gets to try all of the different models. All of the professional drivers were true car junkies, really excited to be sharing these cars with you and answer any questions you might have. On my tour was a fun couple from Canada who took turns driving, and a car aficionado from Saudi Arabia who was doing the experience for the second day in a row!

Abby Tegnelia Challenger SRT8

After 30 miles, I switched to the Challenger SRT8.

World Class Driving car driving experience


When we arrived back at their office to conclude a wonderful morning, there happened to be a not-yet-released Bentley sitting in the parking lot… (World Class Driving also does exotics car driving experiences.)

Bentley Continental GTC


The four-seat, second-generation Continental GTC comes in a wide array of color and color combinations of soft-touch leather interiors.

Bentley Continental GTC

Bentley Continental GTC

Nothing but the best for this Bentley: Pirelli tires.

Bentley Pirelli tire

My favorite part: the new warmer, nicknamed a “neck scarf.” Chilly with the roof down? No worries — this classy Bentley has got you covered, with three power settings of heat to keep your neck nice and toasty.

Bentley neck scarf


This was a driver’s seat I had to jump into!

Abby Tegnelia Bentley Continental GTC

Now that’s a car I could get used to driving!


I was a guest of World Class Driving, located just off the Las Vegas Strip, but all opinions are my own.

Contact info: World Class Driving, 877-597-6403

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  1. OMG you should be a car model, you look so hot next to and inside the car haha! LOVE it!!!

  2. HA! Someday I might want to learn how to drive one of those things! Although I had more fun as a passenger, zoning out to the gorgeous scenery and taking pictures.

  3. I drove some of the exotic cars through World Class Driving, but I wouldn’t be able to drive the muscle cars because I can’t drive a stick shift!

  4. I think I would have preferred the exotics!! But the muscle cars were cool, because it wasn’t something I would have chosen myself.

  5. Oh Swoon, LOVE muscle cars. Although is it wrong that I prefer them when a dashing gentleman is driving 😉 ??!! I think the Bentley would be my first choice!

  6. My driver was very nice (and patient) — but not dashing lol

  7. You can keep the Shelby if I can have the Bentley 🙂

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