I love being involved in the online travel community and am so thrilled when asked to participate in something on another person’s blog. Here are some of my favorite mentions. Take a look! asked me for my favorite Vegas picks; check out my “Insider’s Guide to Las Vegas.”

One of my very favorite backpackers, the ever friendly Chris (@theaussienomad) of, pointed to me for his seventh “Travel Blogger Friday.” I was so honored!

My first interview in the blogosphere! Shawn (@shawnosaurus) of asked me some hard-hitting questions about the logistics of working in the tropics: “Writer, Traveler, and Jungle Princess”

Some of my closest friends in Costa Rica are my friends’ kids (guilas)– and one Saturday night they asked me to party with them, at the annual fair. Ice-cream and carne asada for everyone at! “The Guilas and the (Costa Rican) fair”

Gearing up for an emotional trip back to the States, I started to wonder if there was a right time to “go home.” Is it better to pre-empt feelings of bitterness or sadness — or wait until you absolutely can’t stand it anymore? Stephanie at let me wonder out loud. “Time to Go?”

Pam at http://spunkygirllmonologue asked me write a bit about charity here in Costa Rica. I glazed over some of the harder-to-take details of my barrio’s lost little girls, but the idea is still the same. “Walking the Fine Line of Charity”

Working remotely to the States (or in my case, Europe, Australia and more) makes it possible for me to live the dream from a small beach town in Costa Rica. When I relaunched my little company, a celebrity news agency, http://mediabistro was kind enough to give it a shout-out. “Abby Tegnelia Starts New Celebrity Gossip Journalism Agency”

One of my favorite new connections is with Cathy Brown at the Expat Daily News. I love what she did with my “How To Know When It’s Time to Move Back” story.

The Expat Daily News also honored me with “How Being an Expat Can be Lonely, Scary and Sad.”

One of my favorite parts of attending the TBEX travel blogging conference was meeting some of my favorite bloggers, like Nomadic Matt. After the trip, he named me one of his favorite 13 in “Thirteen Other Great Travel Web Sites.”

After I officially launched my company, All Star Reports, Federico from Mai Travel Site reached out for an interview with me on working remotely from Costa Rica. I loved his interview: “From the Big Apple to the Jungles of Costa Rica.”

Cathy, from the Expat Daily News, wrote the nicest things about me when she interviewed me (“Interview with Jungle Princess Abby Tegnelia”) for her site. I also cannot believe we have never met!

I Wish Gap Year wrote me the nicest review on its Blog Focus: The Jungle Princess.

I scored an honorable mention on Gap Year Escape’s Top 50 Travel Blogs.

During a big blogging convention in Las Vegas, TBEX has a mini-reunion. After taking out Kim Mance and Maren Hogan, TBEX celebs, and Nomadic Matt, he gave me a shout-out on his blog in his story, The Saturday City: Las Vegas.

I guest posted on Nomadic Matt’s wonderful site, “Learning Pura Vida in Costa Rica.”

The lovely Kirsten Alana named my essay “To Be Free” one of her Friday Fives.

My old neighbor (although we didn’t know it), the hilarious Abbey, named me one of her favorite blogs of the year in A Year in Review.

Michael of Go, See, Write ran a quirky interview of me on his 13 Questions series.

Justin Was Here asked me to contribute to his post on 10 Great Reasons to Travel.

Flip Nomad did a cute interview with me for his Meet the Nomads series.

I wrote about being a teenager in Albuquerque for Santa Fe Travelers: “Adolescent Memories”

Meet, Plan, Go is coming to Vegas — but first, I wrote about my career break for their web site: “A Life-Changing Year Comes First Circle”

Parallel Lives: The woman who took my place at work left a year later to go be an expat. I guest-posted on her site, Jesus Year Project by compiling 33 Jesus Year Revelations.

Johnny Jet quizzed me about my travel style.

One of my favorites, Andi Fisher, included me in her popular Traveler Tuesday column.

Gap Year Escape included me in their column, also called Traveller Tuesday.