Maui for Two: Saying “I do”

weddings, Maui, HawaiiThere are vacations — and then there are special events at special places with your closest friends. Yes, I’m talking about a Maui wedding! In my case, that of my oldest and best friend, Alicia. Isn’t she the most beautiful bride? I’ve known her since since sixth grade, so I had a great time with her mom and younger siblings, who I’ve known since they were knee-high. Plus, my closest group of friends I’ve known for half my lifetime… Alicia is one of my most creative friends and had been working hard for a year during endless trips to Hawaii to create the most romantic Maui wedding with a touch of magic and fantasy. She dreamt up a tropical Alice and Wonderland theme with a fashionista bride as the star.

The grounds of the Makena Estate that Alicia chose as her Maui wedding locale were strewn with fun Tea Party-worthy details that would make the Mad Hatter proud. Later, us bridesmaids walked in carrying perfectly mismatched tea cups filled with flowers. For dinner, table numbers were attached to carnival-like lollipops. Loved it!

weddings, Maui, Hawaiiweddings, Maui, Hawaii

weddings, Maui, Hawaiiweddings, Maui, Hawaii

weddings, Maui, HawaiiMy “date” for the grand affair was my dear friend Jessica, who I met my junior year of college when we decided to live together, sight unseen, during a semester abroad in Spain. (Thank goodness she was there — my Spanish was AWFUL back then!) Jessica makes me laugh so much — we had an amazing time bonding over the weekend, which started with a luau (of course!) and included much time poolside, and then many, many hours of bridesmaids activities. We loved every minute!

Our favorite part of the weekend, of course, was helping our princess bride get ready for her big debut. I don’t think she could have picked a better dress, do you? Shown here with matron of honor, her sis, Angela.

weddings, Maui, Hawaiiweddings, Maui, Hawaiiweddings, Maui, Hawaii

weddings, Maui, HawaiiAfter many weeks of charmingly going back and forth about what to have us wear, Alicia had her bridesmaids wear any monochromatic blue dress of her choice and neutral platforms for the grassy estate. It was fab — we all got to wear dresses that flatter us. I thought it was the best idea. I also got the biggest kick out the groomsmen’s outfits, white button-downs and beachy slacks. Her groom? A hot pink belt and socks! Alicia did a few costume changes — she stayed in her dress for awhile, but changed her shoes to stacked Christian Louboutins. During her hora chair dance for her Jewish husband, all you could see were layers and layers of white as they bounced her on a chair above our heads — and those famous red soles. It was stunning! Later, she changed into a cute little dress and blue shoes. Jake and Alicia (SHOWN HERE dancing at their reception) are definitely a fun couple!

Some photos of me:

weddings, Maui, HawaiiHere, fellow bridesmaid Lori, Alice, me and Sue. I’ve known Alice and Sue since high school!

weddings, Maui, HawaiiA little later, with two of my besties from college: Darcy and Lori

I feel like this post is incomplete, so I might have to do a Part II. But for now, I’m going to leave you with some shameless Hawaii pics from our wonderful weekend for Alicia’s Maui wedding. Enjoy!!

weddings, Maui, HawaiiThe “adult” infinity pool at the Wailea Beach Marriott Resort & Spa, where all of the wedding guests stayed.

weddings, Maui, HawaiiThe view at the Makena Estate in the afternoon, right before the ceremony.

weddings, Maui, HawaiiA similar view, during the wedding reception, at sunset.

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  1. YOU. LOOK. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! So glad the dress situation worked out the way it did. I remember so many convos with worries about that. It worked out for the best. You truly look sexy and stunning. Rival to any bride. Wow!!!!

    Also, the wedding looks beautiful and what a truly breathtaking location. *jealous* Now I want to go to Hawaii!

  2. That wedding dress was awesome – sounds like it was a great time!

  3. Awww thank you, ladies!! It was such an amazing and magical wedding.

    Haha Kirsten — I know! After all the back and forth it turned out to be the easiest dress shopping ever, just how the bride wanted!

  4. Abby — you look beautiful!!! And that wedding concept — genius. She should go into wedding planning. Tea cups with flowers for the bridesmaids? Love it.

  5. Yes, she is a creative genius! I need to put up more photos. She’s SO creative — and in finance by day!

  6. You and your friends look beautiful! It sounds like it was a great wedding. I love your pictures!

  7. Maui is the only place in Hawaii we’ve been to and it’s magic. How awesome to attend a wedding there (ours was a beach wedding too – so much fun), especially for such a dear friend.

  8. Thank you, Sebastian!! Maui is so easy to photograph!

    Andrea — same! I need to branch out to other islands. 😉 I bet you guys had the best beach wedding!

  9. Wow, hello paradise. A beautiful time for all I’m sure.

    Love the picture of the sunset!

  10. It WAS paradise! It didn’t seem real!

  11. The bride looks so happy! What a spectacular spot for a wedding…

  12. Yes, she was ridiculously happy!! She danced and laughed all night. 🙂

  13. Beautiful post Abbs! You truly “captured Alicia’s moment” and what a blast we all had together in paradise!!!

  14. Whimsical but romantic wedding – a awesome concept! I’m always very endeared of friendships that last through the years. How wonderful to see your friend from a little girl to a now married woman. I grew up in Hawaii, and as a child, I never really thought of the place as beautiful. Only as an adult, living far away, have I really appreciated its beauty. And indeed it was a stunning venue. Glad you got to go and share the moment with your dear friend.

  15. Lori! We had such a great — made it just “a little” easy to write about!

    Sherry — what a beautiful comment. I had no idea you grew up in Hawaii. Yes, it’s strange how we can travel all over the world and still keep those dear friends. This time, it made me sad though that they all went back to NYC together, and I didn’t… Us nomads have the short end of the stick in cases like these 🙁

  16. Impressive! I liked the story – and the photos! I’m glad you all had a great time!

  17. What a fun theme for a wedding! Destination weddings are the best, especially when they bring together good friends who don’t get to see other often.

  18. Yes!! Destination weddings definitely add a certain vacation-y feel… Especially when it’s in Maui!

  19. beautiful wedding. love the dress change for dancing! hope their life together reflects the beauty, creativity and thoughtfulness that went into all this!

  20. What a wonderful setting for a wedding, I hope you all got a lollipop to keep

  21. I’ve been to the Big Island twice and Oahu once–love them both, oh so pretty–but I would REALLY love to go to Maui. (Putting it out there so the Universe can make it happen!)

    I would also really love that Infinity pool, pleaseandthanks!

  22. What a fab location for a wedding. Looks like you had a wonderful time, too 🙂

  23. Maui is a perfect place for a wedding and Wailea Beach is a favorite of mine. You’re right, the bride looks beautiful, and so do you. Love the pics – such a special and fun time with close friends.

  24. How gorgeous! I want to get married in Maui!

    I love that you got to choose your own dress! Bridesmaids are always the happiest when they get to do that 🙂

  25. Looks like such a fabulous occasion! She sounds like the best kind of bride, giving you guys some freedom in dress choices and just having a great time. Everything looks beautiful!

  26. What a fun wedding theme! She and her hubsand look so cute and happy. I hate overly serious weddings, this one looks excellent.

  27. Gorgeous!
    I guess it’s ok that you missed TBEX and hanging out with me to go to this instead 😉

  28. Haha so good to hear that, Cailin… I’m glad you understand. 😉

  29. A very nice post on the wedding flowers. Flower are really the best way to express your feeling on any sort of moment. I remember my wedding and the flowers I received from my near and dear ones. Indeed a nice and valuable post and I have subscribed the same. Keep up the good posts. Thanks

  30. Both you and the bride looked lovely, and what a beautiful place to get married! I’m glad you could be there to celebrate with your friends, even if it was a somewhat whirlwind trip.

  31. OH MY GOD! looks like the perfect wedding!!! 🙂

  32. What a cool idea for a wedding! I love the details like the tea cups, the picture frame, and the mad hatter theme. Would love to see a pic of all of the bridesmaids/wedding party to see what it looked like. Aloha!

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