Long Haul Flying: The long way around …

the long way aroundLong haul flying isn’t much fun. There’s no way to dress it up as one of the most enjoyable things you’ll ever do in your life, however once you land, the destination you’re visiting will probably be full of the most fun things you’ll ever do in your life, so I guess you could say it’s a bit of a trade-off; good for bad.


Calling long haul flights bad is probably a little unfair, because airlines these days are doing all they can to make the whole process less stressful and laborious, by throwing in extra leg room, quality on-board entertainment, and good food too, but nothing can take away the fact that long haul flying is tiring.


There are a few ways to make that journey a little easier, and in my opinion, if you can enhance your travel time, you should do it!


Airport Hotels

I find that staying overnight at the airport prior to a long haul flight makes the following travel day much easier. Having a good night’s rest is imperative to pre-flight build up, and if you can grab yourself plenty of rest the night before, without having to get up at the crack of dawn to travel to the airport, this is a great idea. I also regularly use the Manchester Airport hotels, and I always receive not only a great level of service, but a fantastic price too. This isn’t something that will break the bank, as there are always deals to be found, especially if you head to AirportHotels.com for bargain-busting prices.


Change your mind-set

If you go to the airport dreading the flight, then you’re going to have a worse time than if you try and view it as part of your holiday. Think positive, look forward to where you’re going, and consider the moment you leave the house the point when your holiday starts, rather than when you land.


Avoid the in-flight map

Sometimes you will be able to use your seat-back TV, if you have one, to keep an eye on your flight progress. Don’t do it! Whilst it’s interesting for about half an hour, you will then feel like you’re stuck and not really going anywhere at any great speed. The saying that a watched pot never boils is very true in this case, in that a watched flight map never seems to move!


Be prepared

Distraction and comfort are two ways forward to a better flight. If you’re not comfortable, you will feel like your flight is endless, so think of ways beforehand to increase your comfort levels. Book extra leg room (I’m currently into Virgin‘s “main cabin select”) if you feel this will help, pre-book your seat so you get an aisle seat if that’s what you prefer, or a window if that’s the way you want to go, and take a pillow for your neck, and some comfortable socks to keep your feet warm – there’s nothing worse than cold feet!


As for distraction, a tablet is a fantastic fast track to entertainment on the go, so get one, charge it right up, buy a mobile emergency battery booster for when the charge eventually dies, and load it up with your favourite games, books, and films etc. Take your earphones and you have hours of entertainment at your fingertips! I’ve read entire books on my tablet on flights, especially long trips to places like Macau.


Long haul flying can be made easier with some very easy tips. Follow this advice and you should find that your journey doesn’t seem like it’s taking forever.

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