Life’s a Blur

Coco Costa RicaThis photo reminds me of something I might have taken with one of those cheap disposable cameras I always bought on the road as a kid — or even when I was experimenting with photography in college and never got the focus quite right. If only I had kept up with those courses! (I always knew writing was more my thing.) The highest grade I ever received was for a self-portrait that was slightly out of focus, which permanently changed the way I look at blurs. I remember taking this photo here on the last night of my most recent trip to Costa Rica, my imperfect paradise. I almost deleted it right away, but then shrugged and kept it, more interested in hanging out with my friends than thinking about photos. Looking back at all of my pictures, I was surprised that this one caught my eye, but I find it quite beautiful. The year I spent living in Costa Rica was a blur of color, palm trees and easy living. I think of it often (too often?), and this photo encapsulates all of that, like a dream.

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  1. Lovely picture, really nice…

  2. I love it! Glad you kept it!!! Never too late for classes btw…

  3. Excellent point, my friend. :)

  4. A photo that means something is valuable regardless of the technical qualities.

  5. Beautifully said. That just made me look at all my photos in a new light!

  6. Great post. I SO relate. I spent 6 months in Costa Rica and still think about it so (too) often. What a beautiful paradise !

  7. Even standing still… life can still be a blur lol. Cool looking shot!

  8. Yes, very true lol.

  9. Love it! Sometimes the prettiest photos are the most unexpected ones.

  10. I really like this shot, Abby. It looks like real life, like the moments that just sneak up on us and then scamper away.

  11. It’s a beautiful photo. I’m sure someone somewhere is working hard on an iPhone filter to try to capture the same effect!

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