Learning Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Nope, Costa Rica is not Puerto Rico, Mexico or an island. And if you go there, prepare yourself for a sloow lifestyle — that you’ll love when cracking open a bottle of Imperial beer but may have to get used to when faced with angry crowds of high-strung tourists. Learning to enjoy the good life as an expat requires some growing pains, but ask my friend Marcelo here, it’s worth it! Costa Rica is amazing! Not sure what I mean about all of this? I tackle some of the misconceptions I uncovered during my year living in Costa Rica as a guest blogger on Nomadic Matt’s site:

Click here! Learning Pura Vida in Costa Rica

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  1. Do people really not know the location of CR???

  2. Oh, Andi, you have no idea! In addition to people actually TELLING me, oh, Costa Rica, I’ve never been to Puerto Rico… They also make comments about living on an island, etc. I have to assume that since they don’t ASK, they assume it’s in Puerto Rico! (?)

  3. OK, when I told people I was going to Borneo, I got a whole lot of “where’s that?” That’s understandable, I suppose. But Costa Rica? It’s pretty much become the number one vacationing spot for Americans in the past couple years–not knowing where it is is ridonkulous.

  4. We all have plenty of countries we’re unsure of, but since thinking Costa Rica was actually in Puerto Rico was a common theme, I figured I’d tackle it!

  5. I am going to Costa Rica in November, looking so much forward. Planning on either doing a side-trip to Granada or to Bocas del Toro – any suggestions maybe??

    And seriously, not knowing the loaction of Costa Rica… Phhh— but while I lived in California 10 years ago a fellow high-school student asked me: “ah you are from Germany, isn’t that next to Canada?” I am serious. Almost blew me of the chair 🙂

    Viele Gruesse, Kristina

  6. So how was Puerto Rico? <3

  7. I can totally believe that some people don’t know where Costa Rica is… sounds like a great time. I enjoyed some time there years ago in Monteverde and the beach of Montezuma. I’ll never forget the howler monkeys and wonderful big plates of gallo pinto.

    Looking forward to reading more adventures.

  8. You’d be surprised how many people back in the states think Costa Rica is an Island. I’ve even heard this from people here while they visiting lol

  9. I laughed out loud that people confuse Costa Rica with Puerto Rico – wow! I received a lot of odd questions when my family and I moved to Turkey. I loved the photographs of the howler monkey and the sunset that you put in the post!

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