Key Recommendations When Traveling to the Dominican Republic

Source: Wikipedia Located in the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is one of two nations that share the island of Hispaniola. (The western portion of the island is occupied by Haiti.) The Dominican Republic is the second largest nation in the Caribbean, with Cuba being the largest. The country is a popular travel destination for people from throughout Europe and North America.

When planning an all-inclusive trip to the Dominican Republic , a number of tips should be borne in mind.

When to Visit the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is flush with tourists the year around. With that noted, if a person is interested in saving money or visiting the Dominican Republic when there are a bit fewer tourists, there are two times during the year to consider. From just after Easter through early June and in September and October, there are fewer tourists in country. In addition, the costs of lodging, food and entertainment also drops somewhat during these time period.

Carnival is a high point for tourists to the Dominican Republic each year. Carnival occurs during the least week of lent. Carnival is a time of celebration and partying, particularly in the larger cities on the island.

Getting to the Dominican Republic

The two most common ways of getting to the Dominican Republic are via air sea. Their are seven international airports serving the Dominican Republic, which makes flight into the country highly convenient. In addition, a significant number of cruise lines include the Dominican Republic as a port of call.

Although international air travel to and from the Dominican Republic is convenient and efficient, the same cannot be said about domestic flights within the country. In fact, there are few domestic flights in the Dominican Republic.

Although it is easy for a traveler to get to one or another of the primary tourist destinations in the country, getting to more out of the way locations can be significantly more challenging. If a person has a destination that is off the beaten path in mine for the Dominican Republic, a flight to the closest international airport should be planned with arrangements for a rental car made in advance of travel.

Accommodations in the Dominican Republic

All-inclusive resorts are rapidly becoming the mainstay in the Dominican Republic. They can be found at all of the primary tourist destinations in the country. With that said, there remain smaller independent resorts and inns both at the major tourists destinations and at some other locations throughout the country. The country boosts luxury lodgings as well as hotels and resorts that are less ostentatious, including venues that are suitable for families and people traveling on a tighter budget.


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