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Las Vegas, Big Bang TheorySometimes Mercury is in retrograde… And then AFTER it’s done, you hit a rough patch. That’s life! (One bright spot: being named on a Top Female Bloggers list.) My advice: grab a friend (meet Melissa, who just moved to Vegas from New York!), get ridiculously dressed up — and host a party. It’s the Vegas way. (And if that doesn’t work, I was today reminded of similar advice from the wise man, Jay-Z: “Dust your shoulders off.”) Work, boy and car troubles have nothing on a night out on the town — especially if your town is Las Vegas. It was a fabulous night!

We held our fall fashion/September issue cover party for Vegas magazine at Cosmopolitan‘s hot nightclub, Marquee. The star? Kaley Cuoco, the adorable female lead of my favorite comedy, the Emmy-nominated Big Bang Theory.

The resort’s LED screens the night of our party (they are always changing):

Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, Big Bang Theory

Getting my picture taken with Kaley and my publisher, Joe Vann.

Las Vegas, Cosmopolitan, Big Bang Theory

More pictures… with Warner Brothers’ James Pettit. The two of us orchestrated this whole shebang!

Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas, Big Bang Theory

Superfluous shot of the Cosmopolitan’s famous chandelier that uses two million crystals to drape several floors of the casino.

Cosmopolitan, Las Vegs, Big Bang Theory

To read Kaley’s cover story, click here: Pretty Penny: Kaley Cuoco Arrives with a Bang

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  1. You looked fabulous that night. I hope our baby grows up to look like you. (Why am I holding my hand on your tummy?) Let’s do it again soon! … and by it I mean…

  2. Haha we are the cutest couple!!

  3. Your parties are a little different than the parties I host. I don’t think anyone has ever used the word “fabulous” to describe one of mine 🙂

  4. You’re talking to one girl who just might!

  5. Love your dress – so beautiful!

  6. Thank you! It was a last-minute purchase. 🙂

  7. Awww!!!! If I wasn’t such a party pooper, I would have gone!! You look stunning!! <3

  8. Liking the astrological reference. Though Neptune kicked my butt this month! I fell out of a canoe – and my camera went into the lake. Luckily, it didn’t get wet! Anyways, you look great!

  9. No worries! Spend your Saturday night however makes you happy!

    So my life for the past few weeks, Natalie!

  10. Melissa W. says:

    So honored to be part of your first post!! Love the fan page!! Can’t wait to read more. xoxo

  11. Yeah!! Welcome to Vegas!!! Let’s go find trouble and fun things to blog about. 🙂

  12. I love your dress!
    And I love reading about your life in Vegas – it is so far removed from my life in Costa Rica. 🙂

  13. Haha don’t I know THAT comparison well… Moving from CR to Vegas was not easy!!

  14. I love the color of your dress! Way to break the black-at-night rule!

  15. Thank you! I literally bought it at the Cosmo on the way into the event. Sometime impulsive decisions pay off!

  16. I am totally in love with your dress Abby!

  17. Thank you 🙂

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